Check the new one 12

Once again it is Moe who takes a closer look at a newcomer, or rather checks him out on the mat, to see what he’s made of. Adrian is the name of the newcomer, he has just turned 18 and is quite self-confident. Maybe it’s because of his strong body that he thinks Moe can’t hold a candle to him. In any case, he too, like many others before him, rates the light, wiry Moe as inferior. For Adrian, too, it turns out that he underestimated Moe. Many years of fighting experience bring a large repertoire of tricks. So he repeatedly grabs Adrian in bodyscissors or sits on him in the in the Schoolboypin and starts to torture Adrian’s biceps with his knees. Adrian did not expect these tricks. A good wrestler needs not only strength, but also tricks, endurance and speed. But one round goes to Adrian, which he surely owes to his strength. The fitness body has a lot of power reserves. In the end, however, Moe has the upper hand and really savours his victory. He triumphs over Adrian, proudly showing him his muscles and standing on him, harassing him with his feet. Adrian still has a lot to learn, but he certainly has the potential to become a good fighter at Fightplace.