Scissors + Pins 5

28. July 2021 0

Chubby vs Skinny could be the title of this movie. This time Hector takes on a real heavyweight of over 90 kg. George has heard […]

Catch the Hunk

10. June 2021 0

This time Hector has to fight against 2 opponents. Snoopy comes with his friend Ekko. Hector would much rather pay Snoopy back. He lost the […]

Scrap Boys

22. May 2021 0

Hector has been given the job of unloading a load of scrap metal. Alone he can’t get the heavy things off the trailer. He gets […]

The Trainee

9. April 2021 0

Jermaine has a special assignment: he and his trainee should to dismantle a couch and take it away. Finn (18) is not exactly exemplary. Jermaine […]

Check the new one 10

1. April 2021 0

Little Matze (18) comes to the Fightplace club because he wants to try fighting. He claims to be small and dainty, but a little spitfire. […]

Scissors + Pins 4

29. March 2021 0

Jermaine trains with Hector at the weight bench. Both want to pump up their muscles to impress Jermaine`s girlfriend Roxy, who is also there. When […]

Check the new one 9

29. January 2021 0

Mika (24) tests the wiry lad Ramsey (25), who is new and already does a pretty hot number in his first fight at Fightplace. Combative […]

Old flame never dies

29. January 2021 0

We open the year 2021 with a comeback of a special kind. Slavek, one of the first fighters of the Seesen team is back on […]

Christmas Special 2020

24. December 2020 0

Dear friends and fans of Fightplace! Also this year we would like to thank you for your loyalty and trust in us, because especially in […]