Underwear Attack 3

28. February 2020 0

Moe is surprised to see lights in the clubrooms of Fightplace. He looks around but sees no one. But there are noises coming from the […]

Check the new one 8

21. February 2020 0

2 new faces, who are a bit shy to enter the clubrooms of Fightplace in the beginning. But then they encourage each other and knock […]

Blow me, bitch! XXX

7. February 2020 0

Simon has made himself comfortable on the sofa and watches wrestling TV. He seems to be a real wrestling fan, he is even dressed in […]

International Boys Battle 3

5. February 2020 0

The slim Christoph takes on “Sixpack Sean” in this fight. After initial stretching and warm-up exercises, the boys go at each other. Due to his […]

I’ll get you down!

17. January 2020 0

Hot rip-and-strip fight between the wiry Simon (in Calvin Klein tighty whities) and the powerful José (black Barcode undies). This time Simon meets a new […]

International Boys Battle 2

1. January 2020 0

Sean from the US. is fighting this time against Simon, a 21-year-old handsome sportsman from Romania. Simon already shows what he is made of in […]

Sexy Sporty Santa

26. December 2019 0

At this year’s Christmas party, Olek dressed as Santa, and little Christoph are having fun. What begins playfully and as a scuffle on the sofa […]

Submission Mat Brawls 4

15. December 2019 0

Axel, former club wrestler, meets craftsman Lars, who is only supposed to install something in the studio. But when he observes Axel stretching on the […]