Easter Sale 2024

29. March 2024 0

We’re celebrating Easter with you and in 2023 there will of course be big eggs again in the form of big discounts and promotions in […]

Bad Boys Berlin 2

19. March 2024 0

A strange guest has strayed into the Berlin studio and is keen to have a fight. Finn and Nic are amused by the guest, but […]

Fearless Fighter

9. March 2024 0

The new boxing ring in the Harz Fightplace studio offers new training opportunities. Jamie, who has loved boxing for a long time, wants to do […]

Underwear Attack 10

23. February 2024 0

In the last part of this series for the time being, Moe meets his strongest opponent, Nick. This fight is correspondingly tough over its entire […]

Underwear Attack 9

9. February 2024 0

We continue our Underwear Attack series with this 9th episode, in which Finn meets Jamie. Finn wants to earn a few bucks with a fight […]

Underwear Attack 8

28. January 2024 0

On the way to training, Moe tries to hitchhike and stop a car. Jamie is travelling in his car that day and sees Moe at […]

The christmas after match

22. December 2023 0

Now it’s no longer a secret. Our fans have seen in this year’s Christmas film that Joe is back in the team. Still in good […]

The lighting technician

8. December 2023 0

The Fightplace team in the Harz mountains is busy expanding the large studio. The boxing ring is now in place and there is an original […]