Personal Trainer XXX

14. July 2018 0

Antonio (20) practices acrobatics while waiting for his personal trainer Brutus (25) who should teach him some wrestling tricks. Instead of his trainer Wladi appears. […]

The deception

8. June 2018 0

Luciano (18/ new at Fightplace) fakes a breakdown with his scooter. But he is so awkward that Edward comes behind it very easy. A good […]

In the scrapyard 2

5. May 2018 0

After Massimo (18) has shown in part 1 against Toni what he is made of it is going on against Moe in part 2. Moe […]

In the scrapyard

27. April 2018 0

Moe finally passed his driver license and bought a old car. But this car was quite cheap and is only fit for scrap. So he […]

Kinky Combat

20. April 2018 0

When two of our most crazy boys enter the ring to fight each other it gets hard and hot at the same time. Clothed in […]

By the balls 3

6. April 2018 0

In the last and hottest part auf our little “By the balls” series Jermaine first competes against Moe and then against Toni. Jermaine who already […]

By the balls 2

30. March 2018 0

Previousl there was a hard fight between Toni and Hardy (By the Balls 1). Hardy nearly dislocated the arm of stripped Toni who escaped to […]

By the balls

23. March 2018 0

After Toni did some artisanal work at the Fightplace studio Joe is really upset about the botch Toni left behind. Joe calls him and lets […]