Tag Team Battle 15

20. October 2018 0

Ramon is back. Together with his friends Jermain he is sitting in front of house thinking about past times at Fightplace. He wants to fight […]

Real Hard Scissors 12

21. September 2018 0

This return fight between those combative guys was overdue. The chance was there when Bob catches Jermaine when he finished Moe (Wrestling at Work). The […]

Casting Couch

7. September 2018 0

Viktor (24, new at Fightplace) has a casting appointment at Fightplace. It takes a while until he should get to know the boss and he […]

Wrestling at work

31. August 2018 0

It is a hot day in august. Jermaine and Moe should clean the units of a carny company. No easy job. Especially at that heat. […]

Caravan Seller

25. August 2018 0

Freddy (17, new at Fightplace) is send by his father to check a trailer his father eventually wants to buy. Jayson the seller presents the […]

Check the new one 5

11. August 2018 0

After Michi has watched his idol fighting for one hour he is hot for fighting as well and wants to enter the ring. His opponent […]

King in the Ring

3. August 2018 0

Today Michi (18) meets his idol Wladi to have a training session with him. Very upset he waits together with Fabio in the clubroom. Than […]

Bold Fly

28. July 2018 0

Fly and Bruno are chilling in the clubroom. Fly seems to be in the mood to have a little hassle with his Bruno since he […]

The Snake

28. July 2018 0

He calls himself „the snake“ and he meets Fabio today. There is talk of Moe who challenged Fabio for a revenge match. The little fighting […]

Personal Trainer XXX

14. July 2018 0

Antonio (20) practices acrobatics while waiting for his personal trainer Brutus (25) who should teach him some wrestling tricks. Instead of his trainer Wladi appears. […]