Strong In The Thong

The confrontation between the two hostile boys already begins on the street. As Moe is on his way to boxing and wrestling training, Nic comes to meet him. The verbal altercation is quickly followed by a violent shoving match on the open street. And before this situation escalates into a full-blown brawl in front of the boxing temple the quarrelling parties go to the nearby fight room. Moe, who actually wanted to go to training, starts this fight in a hot retro wrestling singlet, which he already wears under his street clothes. Nic wears a hot thong under his adidas training pants. There is no more cautious approaching for the two. With full power and energy they try to decide the fight for themselves and clearly assert their position. Ruthless, fast, powerful as well as tricky and without mercy they fight for victory. Only this much can be said in advance: This time it doesn’t look so good for Moe. While he was able to dominate Nic in the previous fights, he has difficulties in this match to get a grip on his opponent. Nic gets better from fight to fight and is also more hardened when it comes to dirty tricks. Since neither of them can lose well, this fight is characterised by hard moves and grabs from start to finish. Hard cock and ball grabbing from both sides are of course not to be missed. Giving up is hardly an option! Only in extreme emergencies, when pain is unbearable or the situation is hopeless.