Poor Nic

After briefly getting to know each other and meeting in the gym, Mika and Nic check out their strength and skills on the wrestling mat. From the very first seconds/minutes, both are technically very polished and powerful. With 8 fights so far at Fightplace, Mika has a bit more fighting experience. Nic, on the other hand, has only reached the halfway mark. In addition, Mika has not lost a single fight so far, which which suggests that he is a very serious and strong opponent. Nevertheless, he has a lot to do to restrain the extremely ambitious Nic. He tries with all his might to emerge victorious from this fight. But as timidly and amicably as Mika deals with his opponents before his fights; in the fight he shows that he’s got it and also wants to enforce his goal of winning every fight with pretty mean and nasty tricks. With some front wedgies, so-called “Melvins or Camel Toe”, plus some ball grabs, he shows Nic what else is possible besides fair fighting during a fight. Nic hardly has time to think about it, because he is busy concentrating his power on the fight to keep up with the powerhouse Mika. But from the third round onwards it is pretty clear that he has no chance of winning this fight this time. Mika decides every round in his favour, albeit often quite narrowly. Nic not only catches a heavy beating in this encounter (which he doesn’t handle very well), but also a red bottom, which was previously worked on by Mika in a very rude way. But as we learned from Nic after this fight, he doesn’t want to let this defeat sit, train hard and demand a revenge match. And that’s what he’s going to get in the foreseeable future!