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Another newcomer for the team in Berlin. Bernd meets Moe on his first visit and attempt to make his mark at Fightplace. As with many, the petite Moe gives most newcomers the impression at first glance, that he’d be a shoo-in for a fight. But the disillusionment with the hope of a quick victory over the easy opponent fades away after only a few minutes of fighting. This was also the case in this match. Bernd has very little fighting experience so far, but he has a lot to offer in terms of athleticism, which you can see immediately after he has taken off his clothes. His shyness disappears quite quickly during the fight, which is also thanks to Moe, who challenges him very much. Little by little, Bernd releases more and more energy from his well-trained body to counter the little bundle of energy. Strong body versus fighting experience. Who will win the race? We think Bernd is off to a very good start in his first fight at Fightplace. Feel free to write us your opinion.