Gagged Guy’s Game

Moe is eagerly waiting for his new bicycle to be delivered that day. Actually, it should have arrived long ago, but the delivery service is late. When the courier finally arrives with the bike, Moe is already quite angry because he had to wait so long. To make up for it, Moe asks the courier to help him assemble the bike. But the courier doesn’t want to do that, because Moe is his last customer and he doesn’t want to work any longer. Moe doesn’t let up and threatens him with a complaint to the boss because he delivered much too late. In the end Simba agrees and helps Moe assemble the bike. A lot of things go wrong in the process. When Nic comes along, the chaos is perfect. But instead of just arguing, the boys turn words into deeds and disappear into the mat room. First Moe wants to fight Nic. A revenge match, so to speak, for the fight they lost before. The first round goes to Moe in terms of points, because he takes Nic to task with much more power than in the previous fights. With strong head and body scissors, from which Nic cannot escape for a long time, he scores in the first 10 minutes. After he has intimidated Nic accordingly, it is Simba’s turn. The smaller Simba is extremely nimble and limber and quickly gets Moe under him in a schoolboy pin. Moe has to work hard to keep the little bundle of energy from getting too cocky. Because although it is Simba’s first fight, he shows in this match that he has a lot of potential to be a good fighter. After a few minutes of powerlessness on Moe’s part, he finally makes his move and turns the tide. He takes control of Simba and doesn’t let him go. Nic doesn’t want to watch this any longer and intervenes in the fight. Now Moe has to fight two opponents Too much for Moe, who has to put up with a few punches from Nic. In a long schoolboy pin, he likes to dish it out, not even noticing at first that his best part is no longer where it belongs 🙂 Between the two opponents Nic and Moe it gets harder and harder and a real enmity develops. The fight becomes so hard that the team is on the verge of having to intervene. Fortunately, this time it ended without intervention, just about. For us as a team quite exciting, for the spectator of real, hard wrestling a “must have” to have seen this. Towards the end, Nic triumphs once again, who pretty much wore both boys down this afternoon. He’s already a tough cookie who doesn’t give up, doesn’t want to lose, and probably can only lose badly. This is probably one of the reasons why Moe and Simba team up and grab the loud-mouthed Nic in the end. Together they take him to the ground, tie him up and gag him. Poor Nic!