Twink Tournament 3

Finn and Matz met in the small fitness room of the Berlin Fightplace studio. The boys were training their muscles there and got talking. However, it was actually only Finn who wanted to make small talk. Matz was rather annoyed by it and wanted to concentrate on the training. But Finn didn’t let up and started to provoke. When it came to a scuffle in the training room, the tension was too much and a fight was unavoidable. After a short skirmish and renewed provocations, the fight went hard and fast in the next room. Still in their training clothes, the boys went at each other and threw themselves to the ground. They fought for two rounds in sweatpants until the two got too warm. All in all, a very sporty fight, with relatively similarly strong opponents. Therefore not one-sided and exciting until the end. Finn scored with a bit more experience, especially with his bodyscissors. When Matz asked for a little break, Jermaine came into the game, who was visiting that afternoon. Actually only as a spectator, but he used the break as an opportunity to compete briefly with Finn.