Underwear Attack 6

In Knut’s new apartment one more room needs to be renovated. Momo should do that for him. But Momo is not doing his job well enough. Instead of working, he loafs around and plays with his cell phone. Knut gives him one last chance. While Knut takes a shower, Momo should finish the rest of the work. But when Knut comes back from showering, nothing is done.

Pretty angry and full of rage he attacks Momo. But he no longer wants to be ordered around. He grabs Knut and tampers with his legs and feet. At first he ties the laces of the sneakers so tightly that it hurts Knut. Then he twists his feet and takes his legs under his control. Knut whines in pain. After the foot and leg torture is over, it turns into a real fight.

Knut, who hasn’t fought for some time, has a lot to do not to be finished by Momo. Because Momo is back to his old self. Well trained he shows his skills. Knut is often inferior, and has to gather his strength to attack again with power. Knut has gained a little weight over the past few years, so he is now on about the same level as Momo. Momo shows that he has more steam and is also better at some tricks. For Knut this means looking for ways out.

Maybe tearing the opponent’s pants? But he is in the wrong place with Momo who doesn’t mind continuing the fight naked. Two popular and one can say old-school Fightplace-fighters are here at the start, who want to prove their strength after a longer break.