Blow me, bitch! 3 XXX

At the beginning Peter is still a little shy, but he thaws quickly and notices what to do during the fight. A trick that he likes very much seems to crystallize already in his first fight. The Schoolboypin. At least in his debut fight he likes to sit on Christoph’s chest or his stomach.This time, Christoph invited a really cute boy to the Fightplace Studio.
His name is Peter, he is 21 years old and just wants to have a look at Fightplace.

In his free time, Peter rides a lot of bikes and scooters, which you can see on his trained body. Especially his legs are strong, Christoph can still feel that during the fight.

When both fighters tore their pants off, Peter also likes to press his best part into Christoph’s face.

The fight gets harder and Peter bears his first wounds.

Christoph realizes now that he can’t win against the pretty new guy. In the end Peter forces his opponent on his knees and orders him to do a great service 🙂