Hard Times!

For small film production companies like we are hard times are about to come resp. have already entered.

The illegal sharing of our films on platforms like Pornhub, Xtube, Icegay etc.make it nearly impossible for us to keep the production running.

People obviously donĀ“t think about the consequences of illegal uploading. It is not only prosecutable much worse is the fact that we loose our revenue and are not able to keep up our productions. Since the guys who are uploading our films are mostly our fans, they shoot themselves in the foot.

At someday there will be no new films of Fightplace. That is really a pity for the group of our loyal and honest customers.

We have decided to stop offering memberships in 2019 since the future of Fightplace is uncertain.

In addition we provide a reward in no small measure for hints that leads to damning the suspects so that the content could be deleted and prosecution take action.

Our films we be technically marked so that it will be easier to identify people who upload them.

All that costs us a lot of effort and money so that it is hard for us to estimate how long we could sustain. Until the situation gets back to normal we will produce only a few films.

Our actual memberships will be extended until June 2019 due to the low productions during the last weeks.