Show me your strength

When Bubu had finished Jermaine in Chaoe Driver the next fighters were already waiting at the ring. Moe brought Ali to show him some tricks, especially such tricks that he did not know at his fight against Bruno.

Ali has lost his first fight against Bruno, who knows some good tricks but is not really the strongest one in the team. When Moe heard about that Ali has lost against him he laughs at him. Now Ali gets his second chance to present himself.

However it will be harder to fight against Moe than against Bruno. And indeed it was not easy. But this time for Moe. You won´t recognize Ali in this fight. He has much more power now. They fight in their jeans for the first 20 minutes, from then on in tight slips.

Ali is really tough in this match. He squeezes the air out of Moe and he knows how to bring mean wedgies into action. Moe struggles to keep the pace and is really surprised about Ali`s strength. It is a hot fight, full of great submission action.