provocations-5It is winter and the only thing the boys can do is chilling at home. But this becomes very boring. Especially Moe is borred everytime and is basically screaming for some Aktion. This time he uses an baseball bat to provoke his colleagues. Basti turns the tables and grabs the little disturber. Basti is more powerfull than moe and as he realises this he starts to annoy Ramon. He stays calm for a long time but eventually he snaps. To the fighting room with Ramon and Moe!
There these two provide an heavy submission match. Big moves, beautefull throws and cool akrobatics from Moe and Ramon. The fight between the youngsters is really tough. There is no fun anymore, but seriousness to win against the other fighter. Moe almost manages to get a hold against the stronger Ramon. But will it be enough for the win?