Pre-Christmas 2015

prechristmas2015-6Pre-christmas can be so comfortable. Candle light, chilling with some friends, drinking glühwein. But not in our Fightplace flat. Knut discovered a present, which was for the winner of a christmas tournament. Waiting is so nasty and boring. So why just fight for it right now? This was the decision of the three boys: fight for the PS4. The present was very famous accordingly the fights were very hard. Barney and Joe began. Barney grabbed Joe in the living room and brought him into the fightroom on his shoulders. It took some time until Joe became warm. That was the perfect moment for Barney. He dominated him in that time. When Knut fought against Barney, Joe was able to recover his forces. After he returned to the mats, he turned the fight. Barney had no more opportunity to laugh now. Knut was animated by the motivation of the little boy and fought with his whole power now. Barney got bitten in his ass by him and Knut performed some special ballgrabs. Painful wedgies, pins and scissors also got part of this match. The boys used nearly every single trick they know, but not everything was fair. For example: when Barney was knocked out, they ripped his pants and fettered his hands. Now it’s on Knut and Joe. Who would win the fight for the PlayStation?