Violent Vengeance

violentvengeanceBubu wanted to tidy up his basement. So he called Ramon to clear his debts. We all know that Ramon is a nice guy, so he entered a few minutes later to help his friend. Bubu’s mood changed when he noticed that Ramon scratched his expensive chrome rim. Ramon didn’t notice any scratches on that rim, but Bubu was convinced that Ramon was to careless. Did Bubu just devise this to fight Ramon? For sure it was a good reason to fight on the mats in next room. Maybe Bubu wanted to find out if Ramon the best fighter of the youngsters is. Some of his mates suggested this. In the first round they just checked each other with some Headlocks, but both of them just got warmed up in the second round. Now Bubu started his footwork. He used some torturous Scissors to give his opponent the low-down. Ramon, our little real whopper, was able to get tree of some hopeless situations, but Bubu had just more tricks and grabs then him. Furthermore he is slimmer and has more agility and – which is important for this fights – more clinical. He was really dominating this match. At the end he forced Ramon to lick of his rim.