Sweet Sixteens 2

sweetsixteens2For sure we do not have to wait a long time for the revenge of our young newbies. Already at the next day Joe, Moe and Ramon met again at the indoor skatepark. Joe and Ramon rode their BMX bikes and showed their tricks in a little session. Moe, who is not that excited in BMX sport, was totally bored. He took the bike of Ramon to ride a little, but his tour through the skatepark was not that long. He prefers to have hard matches with his Fightplace mates, because he can do this very well.
Outside, in front of the skatepark, the boys made an appointment for the same evening in the Fightplace-house. Moe wants to fight both of them again.
This time Ramon starts, even if he’s stronger and bigger. Moe’s getting better and better from fight to fight. He’s good at learning tricks and moves for his fights. The following fight of them was hard.
They time they didn’t used that much SchoolBoyPins, but more Scissors and Headlocks. The grabs got longer but them then Joe arrived.
Now Joe superseded Ramon. He went on the mats with Moe. You can notice that Joe got more active. Even if he is the smallest one of the trio, he wants to show that he’s not the lamest. Like two terriers the two fighters work for a win with full throttle.
But the whole situation changed when Ramon opened his big mouth. He said, that his friend Joe has no chance against Moe and that he is the worse BMX rider.
Now Joe ignored Moe and turned to Ramon. He grabbed him and throwed him to the ground. Now the real opponents appeared. Both of them were going crazy. They fought way harder and wilder then before. The two friends got true enemies on the mats.