Sweet Sixteens

sweetsixteensJoe, Moe and Ramon, 16 years of age, are sitting in the kitchen. Joe and Ramon are excited young Bmx-Riders and they are talking about their sport and their bikes the whole time.
Moe, who’s not interested in this kind of sport, is getting annoyed. Actually the two boys wanted to ride their bikes outside but it was raining alle the time. So what should the three teens do that day?
They started talking with Moe about his first fight at Fightplace. Then Moe wanted to fight the newbies in a fair played match: head-to-head.
When they entered the attic, Joe and Ramon had to decide who goes first. The choose was on Joe. Both of the young fighters started to roll on the ground. Each wanted to grab his enemy to turn the fight on his side. A balanced fight which required them to do their best. Even if the muscles of Joe are bigger, Moe is able to dominate his opponent. Thirty minutes later Joe had to confess that he just underestimated Moe, who is the slim kid. He is able to perform hard moves and grabs, which are very powerful, too.
The second round against Ramon started on the same level. The stamina of Moe is just amazing. He was able to perform a hard fight against Ramon to, even if Ramon is havier then Joe and Moe! An awesome performance of the newcommer. But we do not tell you if he is able to beat up Ramon, too.
We can see two very exciting fight, full of SchoolBoyPins with a bunch of long holds.
We are proud and happy to have this newbies! They are an enrichment for the Fightplace-Team!!!