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Not only the oven of the small Berlin fight club is already glowing. Also Moe in his hot outfit is already eagerly waiting for a new member. He doesn’t have to wait long and briefly introduces himself to Moe. He calls himself MasterKush (19) and believes that he has a good chance of winning a fight against the skinny Moe. He even brags about his alleged experience, which he has already gained in various fights. But after the first few minutes it turns out that Moe is the superior one. MasterKush still lacks experience and Moe also has the edge in terms of strength. Although MasterKush improves from round to round, but it is not enough to win. This gives him the idea to call a colleague. He is supposed to help him and, above all, to put the fear of God into Moe. Moe is not intimidated by this and is not afraid of another opponent. Dante (18) is the name of the tall and rather impressive guy. He enters the room in dark clothes and a wrestling mask while Moe and MasterKush are still in a clinch. Dante is already stronger than MasterKush, but can’t hold a candle to Moe (yet). In the second round he begs for help! Now begins a 2 vs. 1 action that has it all. It gets serious and exhausting for Moe! Can Moe’s opponents achieve more together? Will Moe have to give up in the end?