Two old hands in the team by now and yet they have never fought each other. Momo and Moe. Yet they have often run into each other, which is unavoidable in our small town. Now, finally, the time has come and the boys meet in the small studio of Fightplace. Momo has already finished his fitness training and goes to take a shower. Meanwhile, Moe enters the studio. He has just come from a raver party and is still quite pretty psyched. Just in the right mood to face a heavier as well as stronger opponent. Moe loves the challenge of proving to himself and others that even a heavier opponent has no chance against him. And so the evening takes its course. When Momo has finished showering, it comes to a confrontation. Due to a longer break, Momo is no longer in such good shape. Moe, on the other hand, is just getting back into the swing of things in terms of fighting. Moe grabs Momo in a headlock and doesn’t let go so quickly. Both go down and Momo realises that he could be in serious trouble with Moe. Although he can grab him, lift him up and throw him to the ground, but Moe is tough. Once he gets his teeth into it or claws, there is hardly any escape. Momo can score points with his weight alone, for example, when he lunges at Moe and presses his knee into his belly. Or when he grabs him with his thighs into a leg scissor. He’s still quite good at that and then it’s a matter of endurance and perseverance for Moe. But even if it takes a while and Moe has to suffer from Momo’s attacks: At some point the small, agile guy manages to free himself from the awkward situation. And it is precisely this agility and speed that Momo lacks. On top of that, the enormous effort and Moe’s attacks make him more and more out of breath. He tries to overcome this with really hard wedgies. Even if these are quite painful and humiliating for Moe, he puts them away and doesn’t let them get him down. If Momo wasn’t so quickly breathless or out of breath, he would have a good chance of beating his opponent with strong head and leg scissors. Because he still has the strength. But in the course of the fight Momo needs more and more breaks to keep up with Moe at all. The cheeky little Moe sets the pace and keeps his opponent in check. Momo, on the other hand, uses all his muscle power and brings his weight into play, which makes sense with some schoolboy pins. Who will win the match? Strength and weight or agility and speed?