Soccer World Cup Betting Game*

soccer-iconFrom now on! Our great World Cup 2014 campaign game

Give off your tip with your order for any of the upcoming matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014.
Does the result of the game match with your tip, you can shop free at us. (you will get a voucher made in your order). Please write down your bet under “Comments” in your Order
Additionally, you can tap the FIFA World Cup winner in 2014 with your order until July 01, 2014. If You`re right you will receive a voucher of EUR 50,00€. Please write down your tip for the FIFA World Cup winner from 2014 under “Comments” in your Order.
We wish all participants good luck and have fun!

*Terms and Conditions:
Participation aged 18 and above.
The appointment with your tip must be received before corresponding game.