Wrestler Workout

An old friend is visiting our Berlin club. Holly, still active as fitness coach, heats up our fighters James and Josh before the fight. With sweaty power exercises they have to show what they are made of. Josh (20), who is new to the team and also quite convinced of himself, notices that he is quite bad at strength exercises. James on the other hand completes this training excellently and goes even further. Josh is annoyed by this and so that he doesn’t look like complete loser, he ends the training abruptly and challenges James to a fight. Holly withdraws and lets the two of them do it. James does not have it so easy in this match. After all, Josh is a lot harder than his predecessor Christoph. Besides, this is only the second fight that James had done. Josh says he has some combat experience. It could be true, because already in the first round he makes his opponent sweat a lot. By the way, both of them start in their shorts, but already in the second round Josh tears his opponent’s shorts to pieces. Underneath is a hot thong. A thong is pretty tight anyway, and in the course of the fight the little fabric can’t cover everything anymore. But James doesn’t mind that. He seems to show himself off gladly and he is also nice to look at 🙂 In the next rounds James has to make an effort, because his opponent takes him harder. On top of that he loses the last rest of his clothes and has to fight his way through naked. Josh is clearly the stronger part here. Although James sometimes counterattacks with schoolboypins, he learns quickly, but it’s not enough for a victory.