Major Mismatch

The old martial arts studio of Fightplace is quite dusty after a few weeks and needs a thorough cleaning.

Moe agrees to take over this annoying task. The “King of Fightplace” Wladimir is also there and controls Moe on his thoroughness. He commands the little one around, although he does nothing himself and just sits around.

Moe does the work entrusted to him well, but is annoyed by the stupid sayings of Vladimir. He, on the other hand, can’t help but let little Moe feel his alpha existence. Moe won’t put up with that for long. Because Moe doesn’t shy away from confrontation, not even with Wladi. Once before he had a fighting encounter with him. And even then he showed neither fear nor respect for his much heavier opponent.

Well, a few years have passed since then and Vladimir has gained even more weight. Moe, on the other hand, has remained as always. With his almost 60 kg he is a slim, almost tender little rascal. But he’s a big boy when it comes to fighting.

As if Moe was even looking for conflict, he annoys the King with sayings related to Wladi’s age, he is too old, no longer has his old form and would hardly have a chance against him. Wladi doesn’t let this sit on him. He leaves his comfortable sitting position, puts cigarette and drink aside, goes next door to the fighting room, where Moe wipes the floor.

The situation escalates when Wladi dumps the water of the bucket on Moe. He immediately resists by throwing his mop at Wladi. So the major mismatch is ignited. Almost 100 kg meet almost 60 kg. Is there a chance for the lighter Moe? In the beginning it doesn’t look good at all. Wladi throws the little one through the room like a toy.

Moe has to try to grab the big one somehow. Anyone who knows Moe knows that he is tough, agile, fast and strong. He also has a lot of experience. It’s not for nothing that he shows no fear of bigger opponents. He himself knows what he is made of. And so in this fight he manages to pack Wladi with headlocks and legscissors.

The only problem is: After Wladi has freed himself from the grip, he becomes all the more angry and brutal. For example, he tears up Moe’s clothes, gags him with shredded parts of them and brings him into extremely painful grips. Despite all this, Moe can’t help but provoke his opponent with sayings. Again and he talks about Wladis bald head and his age. The result is that Wladi takes him to measure with ever harder brutality. Foot in the face, foot in the crown jewels, his socks as a gag.

Wladi enjoys to take his opponent as a toy as ever. But not only the opponent becomes a toy, also lying around objects like car tires, brooms, belts and ropes. His fans are probably already aware of what this means.

It takes a lot to get through this torture. But this fight reaches its climax when Wladi transforms the fighting room into a bondage studio. Moreover, he finds a bottle of oil standing around. But that’s all we reveal now. Only so much. At the end the studio is in ruins. But Moe survives the scenario largely unscathed. So don’t worry about our little youngster 🙂