The Neckbreaker

Fabio is kidnapped by Hardy because he allegedly owes his boss. He locks him up on the back of a transporter and drives off with him. But Hardy made a mistake. He should have taken Fabio’s phone. With the mobile phone Fabio calls his friend Pablo during the trip, who comes to his aid later (in the second part) to help him. Hardy drags the frightened boy into the club and there it comes to a bitter duel. No more signs of fear with Fabio. Fabio surprises with a very tough approach, an enormous ambition and tricks, as if he had been taught by a professional wrestler. Hardy’s stuck in Fabio’s arms, and he won’t let him go. Fabio is surprised by his power and superiority and is really happy to finally meet someone to get you ready. For a long time, it looks like he doesn’t need Pablo’s help at all. But after about 40 minutes, Hardy wins the upper hand and releases his pent-up anger to Fabio. Now it’s getting critical. Luckily, Fabio shows up in time, otherwise it would have meant the definitive OFF for Fabio. Pablo, new with us (20), top trained and former MMA Fighter takes Hardy to his chest. For Hardy, it’s a real ordeal. In some places he has to assert himself against both opponents at the same time. But he gives everything, goes to his physical and psychological limits. Fabio, so turned on by the fight, forgets himself at the end of the second part and exaggerates his role. He’s almost breaking Hardy’s neck. Not for the faint hearted!