Teach a lesson!

Joe trains at the boxing sack when Franky appears. Since Joe is not very experienced at fighting Joe wants to teach him some tricks. They head for the boxing ring and start with sparring. Franky should get faster and more power. After this warm up they start training some wrestling tricks. Joe realizes that Franky has learned a lot and so the training gets a real trial of strength. Franky gets braver and a serious opponent. He deals gut punches and throws Joe through the ring. Technically he could get a real good fighter but when it comes to strength Joe has a clear advantage. He really wears him down with his steal hard scissors. And Joe loves the dominating schoolboy pin position. He slaps Frankys face, rides his biceps, tortures the nipples, chokes him and hits him with boxing strokes. Joe gets wilder during the match and has to be careful not to become too cocky. When Franky get out of one hold it looks not good for Joe as well. Also Franky knows how to do a good schoolboy pin. And he has no inhibitions to make swipes against Joe as well. This annoys the narcissistic Joe who loves to present his great body in this fight again. Who wins this race and will the boys still be friends after this match?