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Newbie Mike (15) wants to join the team and get some wrestling experience. But before he gets started Marius want to test the rookie.

Marius has already started his warm up with chins and pushups when Mike enters the room. He looks a bit shy and carefully into the fight room. Mike instructs him to change his clothes and warm up. Afterwards he explains him the basics and the get started.
Marius does not spare the youngster since he should feel the hard and real fight at fightplace.
And so Mike finds himself into a long scholboypin and as an add-on gets some muscle riding experience. But Mike is not scared at all. When he realizes that he needs all his skills and power he fights back.
He seems to have an enormous potential. Already in this first test fight he demands a lot from Marius. If he has to be careful not to lose the command to Mike what will happen at a fight against an equally old opponent?
But in the end Marius is the expected stronger fighter. He dominates the small one and shows him tricks like schoolboypin, bully pin, head- and bodyscisoor and also some elements for his dirty fighting.
Mike tries to fight back during the whole session showing that he is no one to underestimate. We are really looking forward for his next challenge!