Great Comebacks

It´s a reencounter with old acquaintances. Long time no see but very popular faces.

One is Marius. He has invited Heiko for a casting. After some words Heiko shows his skills at the punching bag. He can hit, but is it enough for a wrestling match?
They wait for Heiko´s opponent who does not arrive in time. Since Marius does not want to waste time he steps in. Proudly he presents the fightplace boxing ring. Heiko should proof that after his strong words before he can also deliver strong action here.

It starts fast and powerful. Heiko throws Marius on the ground. He acts extremely hard and fast. Too fast for the start? Marius has to react and uses all his technique and power to set something against this power package.

Marius was able to get experience from his time at fightplace which helps him now. He puts Heiko into a bad head scissor. The first damp for Heiko. Also round two ends in a scissor and he has to give up again. In round 3 you can see that Heiko is already a bit battered. But he tries to keep on fighting.

He has a highlight in round 4. With more experience he could have beaten Marius. But his skills are not enough. And his power fades away. Marius attacks him with kicks and the newbie has to throw the towel and surrenders completely.

The other old acquaintance is Jasper who shows up. Actually he was planned as the opponent for Heiko but now has to fight Marius. We did not see Jasper for quite some years and are curious about how he has developed.

Marius is super nervous and strongly wants to test Jasper. Who on the other hand is very relaxed and takes his time. They also fight very hard. But it seems to be more thought out. Both have more experience and know how to pace a fight.

The first round goes to Jasper who is proofing that he still knows the tricks. The next round is tougher. Marius attacks Jasper with cock and ball grabs and fights much more aggressively. Jasper can stroke back for some time but has to surrender in the end. A triumph for Marius.

He still has power when Bob enters the room. That was just what he was waiting for. Bob loves to fight bigmouthed guys and is happy to join Marius in the ring.

Whether Bob can prevail or Marius is able to beat his bigger opponent will not be disclosed yet.