But please with cream

When Moe sits in his kitchen reading a newspaper he has no idea that he will catch out a burglar the next minute.

Mr. Mysterious sneaks over the terrace into the house. When Moe sees him he grabs him from behind and forces him to the ground.

A kitchen fight is about to begin. It might be easy to surprise Moe but it is not easy to beat him. Moe might be small boned and wiry but has a lot of power. He shows Mr. Mysterious quite fast that he has chosen the wrong house.

He rips his mask from his head and Mr. Mysterious has the show his true face. Mr. Mysterious fights hard as well but can not keep pace with Moe´s fighting skills.

As a punishment he has to suffer about one hour of torture. Moe dominates the intruder and has fun with that. He even uses fruits and cream on him.

After schoolboypins and scissors Mr. Mysterious gets weak, powerless and defeated. He has to submit to Moe´s little games and finally to surrender completely.