Fightplace Christmas-Special 2016…last round

From today, Saturday 17/12/16 on until 28/12/16 we open up round 3 and therefore the final round of our Christmas campaign this year.
Already from an order value of 50,-EUR on you get a discount of 10,-EUR.
From an order value of 100,-EUR onwards you get a discount of 20,-EUR.
If you order for 200,-EUR or more your discount will be 50,-EUR.
For our bulk buyers we offer a discount of 150,-EUR
if your order value is 500,-EUR or higher.
You can see your discount directly at your the shopping cart.
So start browsing, order and save!
Have a great and relaxing 4th Advent.
Your fightplace team

from 50,00€ = 10,00€ discount
from 100,00€ = 20,00€ discount
from 200,00€ = 50,00€ discount
from 500,00€ = 150,00€ discount