Submission Mat Brawls 3

submissionmatbrawls3-5Dustin has grown to an attractive teenager, his childish image is gone. And he has established a reputation among the youngsters. It is well known in the team that he has a lot of power and has put quite some opponents in their place.
But his self-confidence and slightly arrogant manner make him not very popular. And so he gets bit by bit tougher challenges. Today it is Jim.
Jim has developed as well. His body seems tougher and more ripped. In Submission Mat Brawls 3 they show off their state. They show who is the better and stronger fighter at the moment.
Since they only fight for the rank within the team they go without erotic playthings. It´s pure submission wrestling and every round counts.
This exciting match takes about one hour and you will see a tough verbal and physical fight. We won´t disclose yet whether Dustin can proceed his winning run.