Bedroom Brawl

bedroombrawlA cozy evening in the bed in front of the TV with a good film – it could have been quite nice. But Barney and Alfred can´t agree who will get the blanket. And since they are fightplcae boys they decide to clarify that with a battle. At first they jostle playfully on the bed for getting the other on his back and dominate him. When it gets harder they also use the floor. Through the noise Knut awakes and gets upset. Out of hand Barney and Alfred put him through the mill. With Alfred´s feet in his face he has to suffer nipple torture, ballgraps and leg-stretching. He can take revenge from time to time but has no chance against both of the youngster. Only when he fights one-on-one he literally gives it everything 😉 A lightly playful match with long holds, many schoolboy pins and some nice views 😉 and a Knut how we know and love him.