Aggressive Afternoon

aggressiveafternoonThe first fight of the year 2015 happens between Ramon and Devin.
There is a little touch of New Year’s Eve, because Ramon and Devin still had some firecrackers while they were walking around.
We all know the young boys, who are doing so much nonsense if they are bored.
They are throwing the firecrackers at each other but the joking of the beginning turned into a decision of power and strength. A little fight came up in a backyard. Ramon always had his friend Devin in a Headlock.

They decided to turn the fight into the Fightroom because of the bad weather conditions.
They started up with checking the size of the opponent’s biceps and did a little workout competition. Who is able to do more chins and Sit-ups?
After they decided this, they turned directly into the fight and attacked each other. Ramon showed us in previous fights that he knows how to fight,but Devin is able to keep up with Ramon. We were very surprised that he got grab Ramon several times.
The fight got more and more harder, but both fighters are really tenacious and don’t want to give up any round.
Does the end of the fight ends in a surprise?
Just watch “Aggressive Afternoon”!