Unbreakable – Part One & Part Two

On our memo board in the Berlin Fightclub is written: Mika – 8 fights = 0 defeats. Moe, who often walks past the memo board, has been annoyed by this memo for a long time. Mika, who has also been fighting at Fightplace for a while now, makes himself pretty scarce, though. He usually has a busy schedule and therefore doesn’t get to fight that often. But Moe has tried again and again to catch the previously undefeated and now he has finally succeeded. There has already been a fight between the two in the past. Moe lost. But in the meantime Moe has become much better at fighting. He therefore thinks he has a good chance against Mika and he wants Mika’s winning streak to come to an end. Under a little pretext, Moe manages to get Mika into the club. Moe wants to practise the weighing which always takes place before a real competition. When Mika arrives, Moe has already warmed up a bit with a dumbbell workout. Moe briefly explains to Mika what it is all about, that he wants to practise weighing and standing cool in front of him. Everything works out as Moe planned. They go into the fight room, strip down to their underwear and go through the weigh-in together. When they stand head to head and look deep into each other’s eyes, both of them can’t contain their desire to fight. It’s on to the mats! And respect, this fight lacks nothing! It is the toughest fight in 2023 so far and we get to know a different side of Mika. A different side, because Mika, who is gentle and rather calm, is really challenged against Moe, takes a beating and gets angry. This extremely sweaty match is fun, exciting and allows us to see a lot of what you can see in a match, that you don’t get to see in regular wrestling. This fight is wild, it’s real and it’s still sexy. Brutally they rip each other’s panties, grab ball grabs and pull wedgies. Due to the length of the fight we had to split it and made two parts. It is only at the end of the second part that it is decided who wins this fierce battle of these victory-hungry fighters. Until then, this battle on the Fightplace mats is relatively even. The loser has nothing to laugh about, because he is in for something extra!