The Black Beast

After Moe fought together with Jamie in the Tag Team Battle (17) against two other guys, it burns in him and he wants to know which of the two is the stronger. Jamie lives in an old mobile home near a junkyard, where Moe seeks him out that day. The two exchange a few sentences and it quickly becomes clear that Jamie also wants to check immediately whether he, as a newcomer to Fightplace, can take on Moe, an experienced fighter. Already in the first minutes of this fight it becomes clear: He can take on Moe, and, what is amazing, the lanky 17-year-old kid gives Moe a run for his money. Moe didn’t expect it at all and doesn’t know what’s happening to him. Jamie tears and tugs at Moe’s pants as if he would like to take them off. Although Jamie doesn’t look like a martial artist with his rather slender arms, he shows what is possible in this fight with speed and technique. He can also score points with his thighs, which are quite strong due to playing soccer in contrast to his arms. For Moe, all this means a lot of stress and a lot of work and effort to not look like a loser. Because in the moments where Jamie controls and dominates him, he gets spanked pretty hard. Jamie visibly enjoys it and already shows himself to be very hardened as far as “dirty tricks” are concerned. There will surely follow some more hot fights with Jamie, and his opponents should be prepared for some wild, hot action, if they want to compete with him.