Scissors + Pins 2

They are the tallest and probably strongest youngsters under 18 here at Fightplace. Fabio and Dustin. If those two alphas face-off it comes to a huge clash. The formerly shy boys evolved into hard and intense fighters.

In Scissors and Pins 2 they have a sweaty and full of action submission match that has no equal. The moves switch from brutal attacks while standing into long holding scissors and pins during the ground fights. If one is trapped in a hold he will not be released.

In previous fights they have proven that they are able to win even against older and stronger guys. Now they face each other. Fans of scissors and pins will love this production since they mostly use leg scissors and schoolboy pins to hold the opponent on the ground. In those situations the fighters have to sustain for a long time.

There are some attacks against the balls and trousers of the rival but wedgies and ballgraps keep within bounds. In this film the counts the athletic fight and domination through scissors and pins!