My Little Bitch

25. August 2022 0

Boy Toys seem to be very popular with some fighters. Sometimes, however, a so-called “boy toy” develops only during the fight. Often when the dominant […]

How to fight dirty

19. August 2022 0

Moe spends a weekend in Berlin and learns via the Fightplace WhatsApp group that Finn is looking for a fight. Because Finn urgently needs money, […]

The Black Beast 2

12. August 2022 0

Hector got wind of the Moe vs Jamie fight and learned from Moe that Jamie is a new but very tough fighter. Moe also told […]

The Black Beast

5. August 2022 0

After Moe fought together with Jamie in the Tag Team Battle (17) against two other guys, it burns in him and he wants to know […]