Sex is a battle, love is war!

31. July 2020 0

Even in a love relationship, not not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes sparks fly and small differences of opinion quickly turn into a fight. […]

Fightplace Athletics 1

24. July 2020 0

Especially athletic boys get their own special series from now on. It is called Fightplace Athletics and will be reserved for those who have a […]

From Russia with love

18. July 2020 0

Russians love to fight, to compete, it’s a passion. It gets really hot when passion is combined with emotion. Vlad and Wayne, both sporty Russians, […]

Tag Team Battle 16

10. July 2020 0

Momo brought his hot BMW to the garage to change the tyres. To pick up the car, he arrives exactly at the time when the […]

Game Boys

3. July 2020 0

Mika met with Boris to play with the console. The mood of the two was a bit provoked, because Boris didn’t play as Mika imagined. […]