By the balls 2

30. March 2018 0

Previousl there was a hard fight between Toni and Hardy (By the Balls 1). Hardy nearly dislocated the arm of stripped Toni who escaped to […]

By the balls

23. March 2018 0

After Toni did some artisanal work at the Fightplace studio Joe is really upset about the botch Toni left behind. Joe calls him and lets […]

Raunchy Rassle

16. March 2018 0

What startet playfully with some handstands and seemed to be a friendly banter ends in a hard fight with mean tricks and bad grabs. Nipple […]

Revenge Roster

9. March 2018 0

Jermaine is number one on Fabios plan of revenge. He was annoying us for weeks since he wanted his revenge against Fabio. Back then as […]

Big Bulge Brawl

2. March 2018 0

Marcel is quite nervous when he meets Moe at the clubroom of Fightplace. Marcel moved away from our small town some time ago but it […]