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Heavyweight Heroes

28. May 2017 0

With Heavyweight Heroes we present a reencounter with old acquaintances. Patti, who paused for some years asked us for a fight against Wladi. He had […]

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Privat Battle 17

19. May 2017 0

Fabio does some pullups when Bruno appears and hikes down his trousers. Bruno makes fun of the thong he is wearing underneath. That´s too much […]

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The Alpha Males

12. May 2017 0

No doubt, those are THE two alpha men of the fightplace team, Basti and Marius. Two dominant guys. Both were leading the team for some […]

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Painful Pleasure

5. May 2017 0

Moe demands a revenge. The team is already making fun of him and he feels offended. They say he is a loser which is humiliating […]