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Great Comebacks

31. March 2017 0

It´s a reencounter with old acquaintances. Long time no see but very popular faces. One is Marius. He has invited Heiko for a casting. After […]

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Little Beasts

24. March 2017 0

Basti lured Moe and Joe into the gym. If we would have invited them officially they would keep away since both guys have a dispute […]

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Fightplace Fight Night 3

17. March 2017 0

There are still some fights from our fight night tournament you haven´t seen yet. For example the fight between Dustin and Jermaine. Dustin is really […]

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Master of Disaster 2

11. March 2017 0

Marcel ist proud and presents Knuts shredded slip to Bubu. Very bigmouthed he requests Bubu to enter the ring. After some verbal attacks and a […]

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Master of Disaster

3. March 2017 0

Marcel is back again and wants to form his body. He meets Knut whom he has not seen for many years. And so they commit […]