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Down by the River 2

29. July 2016 0

Bruno is chilling by the river engrossed in thoughts. A jogger is coming closer – it is Dustin. When reaching Bruno he recognizes his rival […]

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Pool Adventures 6

22. July 2016 0

Joe and Kalli walk through the forest heading for a lake to refresh. Actually they were good friends. But when Kalli is told that Joe […]

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Forest Fights 4

15. July 2016 0

Jermaine traps David at a small bridge in the forest. And from the beginning both luscious guys get into it hard. Jermain who won his […]

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Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 10

2. July 2016 0

After blade was finished by Jermaine he lies on the ground totally exhausted. Joes sees his chance to win that match and challenges Blade for […]