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Tag Team Battle 12

24. June 2016 0

The teams meet, as Moe (17) & Devin (15) want to miss their bodysuits little tan. When sunbathing they are discovered by David (17) and […]

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Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 9

17. June 2016 0

Blade has been a while secretly at Joe Battle vs. Jermaine watched. When Jermaine has then settled with Joe he interferes and calls Jermaine to […]

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Rough and ready

12. June 2016 0

Craftsmen Vince needs to repair the roof of a garage. Not far trained Avery. Vince, himself a great sportsman, interested in Avery`s boxing training and […]

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Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 8

7. June 2016 0

The next round in our series “Sunny Afternoon Wrestling” are announced. We start with Joe and Jermaine. They meet at the cottage on the lake. […]

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Scissors & Pins

3. June 2016 0

As Ramon home in his Fightplace WG is, he has no idea that Jermaine is waiting for him and wants a fight with him. But […]