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Privat Battle 15

29. April 2016 0

Jermaine has passed his first fight against Barney with flying colors. And hardly Barney has disappeared from his home, the next dive Streithahn in the […]

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Fly flying high

22. April 2016 0

Little Fly (17) began his Fightplace (debut) with a fight against Moe. Even if he is a small guy, he talked very big. Moe was […]

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Real Hard Scissors 8

17. April 2016 0

Jermaine(18) is new to Fightplace and has his first match against Barney. During the fight we learned they are a good pair of fighters. Because […]

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Private Punishment 3

8. April 2016 0

Toni meets the newcomer Rico at his garage. The boys are talking about the last fights at Fightplace. Rico is showing his muscles whilst they […]