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Fit Lads make out

29. May 2015 0

Our two fighters Barney and Joe are wearing the Scally-look today. And when they met up on the yard the situation got out of control, […]

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Extremes meet

22. May 2015 0

EUsually the saying goes: “the opposites attract”, but not in this case. Lukas visited Bob in our shared apartment, because he was waiting for his […]

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After School Wrestling

14. May 2015 0

The banger of this month was decided between Moe and Jim in the movie “After School Wrestling”. One reason is, that Jim just had his […]

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Bedroom Brawls 2

8. May 2015 0

Blade hardened his muscles in the bedroom of the Fightplace living community. Alfred was in the badroom next door. Alfred was watching him, but suddenly […]

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Real Hard Scissors 7

1. May 2015 0

Momo showed us the pure power of his muscles, especially of his legs. His legs are very strong and he knows how to handle them. […]