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Ramon´s Room 1 & 2

31. October 2014 0

In Ramon´s Room 1 Alfred stood in front of the door, while Bob arrived. Bob, who is well known for that, joked a little about […]

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Privat Punishment 2

24. October 2014 0

Dago and Marius are on a really hard Submission Match. Dago, who just had his second fight at Fightplace, wanted to fight Marius, because both […]

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Nasty Boys

19. October 2014 0

Alfred and Fabrizio are hanging out at the railway station. Because of their financial problems Alfred got the bad idea to mug the next person […]

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Basement Brawls 4

10. October 2014 0

Just a little bunch of time earlier, Alfred was a youngster of Fightplace, too. But now he met the next generation fighters, who are training […]

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Rumble in the Attic 5

4. October 2014 0

After a long time, there are two known fighters on the matts. Eddie and Bob entered the attic. They met each other outside to take […]