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Sweet Sixteens 2

26. August 2014 0

For sure we do not have to wait a long time for the revenge of our young newbies. Already at the next day Joe, Moe […]

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Sweet Sixteens

22. August 2014 0

Joe, Moe and Ramon, 16 years of age, are sitting in the kitchen. Joe and Ramon are excited young Bmx-Riders and they are talking about […]

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Real Hard Scissors 5

19. August 2014 0

Fightplace got another newcomer. Nigel, just 19 years of age, met Toni and Momo at the casting. He should not fight against both of them, […]

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Debt Collector

10. August 2014 0

Knut is living in the Fightplace living community for a while now, but he’s not paying his rent. The boss got angry and he sent […]