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Garage of Torture

30. July 2014 0

One day Jasper cleaned his old car on a sunny afternoon. He turned the music very loud, so that he doesn’t get bored. The subwoofer […]

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Boys by the canal

18. July 2014 0

Tomek, just 18 years of age, is a workmate of Wladi. Both of them wanted to cool down at the canal, because they had a […]

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Pit Stop

13. July 2014 0

If there is only one gas pump working at the filling station, two guys can get in trouble. The little station in the Harz Mountains […]

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Forest of Pain

5. July 2014 0

Today happened something, which the poor Alf (Alfred) really not deserved: But maybe he had to choose another companion than the sadistic Toni. Instead of […]