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Tag Team Battle 8

27. April 2014 0

Tibet and Lukas met up for a fight at 8 pm. When they arrived, they noticed that the room is occupied. Bubu and Hardy are […]

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Privat Battle 12

25. April 2014 0

Bubu and Hardy met up for a training session. To warm up they started with a small but heavy boxing match. In our village you […]

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Wild Wedding

13. April 2014 0

Bobby and Barney had a good party at a wedding and are now talking since all other guests have left. They are in a good […]

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The Unbeatable

6. April 2014 0

Wladi feels unbeatable. But this time he meets Shaun a former martial artist, young and big. He meets Wladi in the woods while running and […]