Bob has nerve. In „Heavyweight Heroes“ he was successfully fighting together with Wladi against Toni and Patti. They scored the victory.

When the opponents had left the ring the two team partners were left alone. Bob wanted to try what most guys at fightplace are scared of – to challenge Wladi. He surprised Wladi, the team and for sure himself as well. He was a worthy adversary for Wladi.

Wladi had some trouble to get a grip on Bob. Of course, he has fun with Bobs luscious body and Bob has to suffer a lot. Wladis lust breaks free, but Bob knew before what to expect and so he has to stand the torture and try to counter when possible.

That worked really good and he had control over Wladi some times. Both brought every action on the mat that could bring the opponent to surrender: ballgrabs, cbt, wedgies, ass slapping, feet, facesitting and bondage.

But they also showed good moves and tricks when fighting. Schoolboypin- and scissor fans will be really satisfied. It is a tough and sweaty submission match between two equally strong guys.

Wladis statement at the end of “PLUCKY BOY!”: “I never had a stronger opponent at fightplace before. It was extremely hard but I had my fun!”

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Cutie and the beast

It seems as if it is not enough anymore for Hardy have his fun with Knut. He meets Joe in front of the fight club and is delighted by the little cute guy straightaway. He has to have him!

He chats him up quite trashy and Joe feels provoked. They head for the fight room and start an intense fight.

Hardy wants EVERYTHING from Joe. He wants to feel him up, humiliate him and use him as his toy. Joe on the other side has no feelings for Hardy and just wants to fight. But Hardy knows no mercy.

He shreds Joes shirt and shows the little one that wrestling could also be an erotic game of power, domination and devotion. But Joe does not want to play. He tries to get the upper hand against Hardy but Hardy stays the dominating part in that encounter.

When he has little one under his control he starts to play. A pleasure for Hardy but an agony for Joe. Only a hard ballgrab helps to get free but Hardy delivers retour right away. And so it is partly really hard action on the mats of fightplace.

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Show me your strength

When Bubu had finished Jermaine in Chaoe Driver the next fighters were already waiting at the ring. Moe brought Ali to show him some tricks, especially such tricks that he did not know at his fight against Bruno.

Ali has lost his first fight against Bruno, who knows some good tricks but is not really the strongest one in the team. When Moe heard about that Ali has lost against him he laughs at him. Now Ali gets his second chance to present himself.

However it will be harder to fight against Moe than against Bruno. And indeed it was not easy. But this time for Moe. You won´t recognize Ali in this fight. He has much more power now. They fight in their jeans for the first 20 minutes, from then on in tight slips.

Ali is really tough in this match. He squeezes the air out of Moe and he knows how to bring mean wedgies into action. Moe struggles to keep the pace and is really surprised about Ali`s strength. It is a hot fight, full of great submission action.

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Chaos Driver

Bubu is on the road with the delivery truck and Jermaine is awaiting his return since he is already away for quite some time. When he finally arrives the anger is big. Bubu has trashed the truck a lot. A flat tire, multiple dents – Bubu seems not to be the best driver.

The guys get into a conflict and nearly beat each other on the yard. But there is this fight club in the neighborhood. They check if somebody is in and climb through a window to sort things out inside.

They start the attack in the boxing ring. And they really want o to know it. There is no tit for tat – it is about submission.

If Bubu is not a good driver, he can fight instead. Bigger Jermaine always gets into the traps of Bubu and can hardly get free again. And Bubu gets mean. He exposes Jermaine with his extreme wedgies completely and tortures him with his legscissors.

His strong thighs and good tricks are Bubu´s signature. But he also wears Jermaine out with schoolboypins including muscle riding and slaps into the face.

Jermaine on the other side can deal blows as well when he is able to. But his successes are short. A hard not always fair submission fight with some nice punishment features.

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Check the new one 4

Newbie Mike (15) wants to join the team and get some wrestling experience. But before he gets started Marius want to test the rookie.

Marius has already started his warm up with chins and pushups when Mike enters the room. He looks a bit shy and carefully into the fight room. Mike instructs him to change his clothes and warm up. Afterwards he explains him the basics and the get started.
Marius does not spare the youngster since he should feel the hard and real fight at fightplace.
And so Mike finds himself into a long scholboypin and as an add-on gets some muscle riding experience. But Mike is not scared at all. When he realizes that he needs all his skills and power he fights back.
He seems to have an enormous potential. Already in this first test fight he demands a lot from Marius. If he has to be careful not to lose the command to Mike what will happen at a fight against an equally old opponent?
But in the end Marius is the expected stronger fighter. He dominates the small one and shows him tricks like schoolboypin, bully pin, head- and bodyscisoor and also some elements for his dirty fighting.
Mike tries to fight back during the whole session showing that he is no one to underestimate. We are really looking forward for his next challenge!

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Heavyweight Heroes

With Heavyweight Heroes we present a reencounter with old acquaintances. Patti, who paused for some years asked us for a fight against Wladi. He had trained hard at the gym and wants to proof his power now against the unbeaten Wladi.

We planned a tag team match since we could not guess how strong Patti really is now. At a tag team match you have the chance to recover a bit when your mate is fighting. To get a equal level we invited Toni and Bob to join the fight.

Since Patti and Toni know each other from former fights we decided to put them in one team. Wladi did not fight for quite some time as well but is in a good shape.

Patti knows some good tricks and has the will to win. A dangerous combination for Wladi who has to make a lot of effort when fighting against Patti. And we can prevail that he was not always able to keep control.

Toni has to feel his anger about that. The poor guy has to suffer a lot. And his slip is shredded already in one of the first rounds. Nobody wants to swap with Toni when he has to fight against Wladi.

The tag team match is fun for the audience as well as for the fighters. Especially Wladi was able to have a fling again. He uses a bottle to insert it into body orifices or the losing party gets feet into the face.

Bob on Wladis site is able to show a great performance as well and point out that even a young fighter could join the elite. The first quite shy guy has become a hard and tough fighter.

The result on the other hand is not so clear. It was a 1:1 for a long time. 2:1 and than a 2:2 draw again until the final decision. Thanks to Patti Wladi was not able to make it fast and obvious decision.

We decided to divide this long 90 minute match into two parts of 45 minutes.

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Privat Battle 17

Fabio does some pullups when Bruno appears and hikes down his trousers. Bruno makes fun of the thong he is wearing underneath. That´s too much for Fabio who shreds Brunos shirt and throws him to the ground.

Fabio works with his strength which Bruno tries to compensate with his wrestling skills. But once the small Bruno is caught into a headlock by the strong arms of Fabio it is really hard to get free. Bruno has a lot of ideas how to do it.

He tries to make Fabio surrender by shredding his shorts. But that does not work at his first approach and so he works steadily on the destruction of Fabios shorts.

Second round starts good for Bruno. He is able to put Fabio into a strong bodyscissor. But Fabio can free himself after some time and Bruno has to be careful since Fabio is able to counterattack immediately.

After some time Fabio´s short loose the fight against Bruno´s attacks and he has to keep on fighting only wearing his thong.

Now he puts Bruno through the mill and into a headlock. But he has not more than headlocks in his repertory while Bruno works with head- and bodyscissors, full nelson, armbar and much more nice moves. Now Fabio realizes that he has to offer more and the fight gets more interesting.

The boys bring much more energy in their actions and it gets harder and more unrestrained towards the end. Will Fabio, the little devil, bring a victory back home or is the bigger Fabio able to decide the fight for his favour?

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The Alpha Males

No doubt, those are THE two alpha men of the fightplace team, Basti and Marius. Two dominant guys. Both were leading the team for some time, are often at the set and see themselves as the secret boss. They completed many fights over the years. Won most of them, lost a few. Now is the time to determine who is the stronger one. It is the day of the clash. Basti and Marius in a direct confrontation. Alone in the fighting room. It will be no easy fight for sure. If anyone had canceled he would have been the loser. They had no alternative but to face the challenge and fight. It was a hard fight. We do not want to describe every scene but if we tell you that Basti bit into Marius balls you can see that both guys gave EVERYTHING to win this battle. It was not a fair fight. Which is no surprise since both fighters know all the dodges. But there can only be one winner. Does the loser accept his defeat or demand a revenge? One thing is clear: none of them is a good loser.

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Painful Pleasure

Moe demands a revenge. The team is already making fun of him and he feels offended. They say he is a loser which is humiliating for him. Especially since he knows that he is able to beat Joe. That is why the two youngsters meet again. This time not in the ring but in the fight room.

Moe is wearing blue speedos and wrestling boots. Joe enters the room wearing a bomber jacket and underneath gold. Golden shorts and golden wrestling boots. He is proud and explains that he is the best and so the only one who is allowed to wear gold.

After some provocations it gets quite fast and Moe brings his opponent into a headlock. Only because of his strength Joe is able to free himself. The first round is a tie. Round two looks better for Moe again. This time he can keep Moe in a head scissor who has to suffer for some minutes in this bad position. But through his strength again he gets free and brings Joe into a schoolboy pin. He is happy to use some muscle riding since he loves to show his opponent who is the boss in this match.

After some equal rounds the warm up is done and it gets harder. Moe starts to play games with ball grabs, cbt, nipple play, wedgies and ass slapping. But Joes revenge is mean, too. Sitting in a schoolboy pin he grabs behind and ties a front wedgie that brings quite something to light. He shows his biceps and punishes Moe with muscle riding and gut punching.

But Moe is very movable and after he brought Joe into a headlock he changes quite fast into a schoolboy pin and finally into a bully pin. Now he loves to do muscle riding, face slapping and nipple torture.

After a short break the fight continues and Moe sits on the face of his opponent forcing him to smell he manly odors. The fight gets hard but both guys are equally strong. Who has the better condition – or the meaner tricks? It gets more brutal and the ball grabs hurt even when only watching.

Now it comes to a decision. Joe throws his shorts away and keeps on fighting only in his tanga presenting even more of his trained body.

Suddenly Toni appears. As always very bigmouthed. Moe, still euphoric through his victory, starts to attack him. But Toni has an easy job of it and holds him into a long bearhug. But when he is able to move again he uses gut pinches and nipple torture which makes Toni quite angry.

But in the end he is helpless and Toni grabs his balls again and again. Toni loves to show what is between his legs and Moe even has to feel it.

Joe, still in the room, is the next victim. But since he could get some rest the first round ends against Toni who is really upset about that. Now he knows no mercy. Holding Joe in a body scissor he ties him up until he is out of air.

Now he gets help by Moe. Both youngster fight against the bigmouth. But even 2 against 1 is not easy for the small guys. Toni fights with all his power. And he has a lot of it.

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Fight into the May!

We say goodbye to the winter and welcome the summer with a special offer:

Most films have been given a price reduction of 15%.
If you purchase two or more films we will add our “Wedgie-Special” for free!

The Wedgie-Special movie will be automatically added to your order within 48 hours.

Let´s all look forward to a hot summer with weekly releases and cool outdoor productions.
We wish all our customers and friends a lot of fun with Fightplace this summer!

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