Nasty Boys

nastyboys-1Alfred and Fabrizio are hanging out at the railway station. Because of their financial problems Alfred got the bad idea to mug the next person who passes their way.
Moe was the person. He was walking at the platform when it happened. The two tall boys grabbed him and searched for
valuables. Moe tries to fight them back, but had no chance, because the two criminal young men were way more powerful then him.
Fortunately his friend Boyka passed the railway station and noticed this incident. Immediately he defended his little friend. Alfred and Fabrizio had much respect on Boyka, so they broke up their mugging.
But this was not the end of the dispute.
Alfred invited all of them to enter Fightplace, to continue the confrontation.
Later the two teams met at the attic.

Alfred, who got way more self confident, began this little tournament with Moe. Moe used all of his anger to fight against his thief. Without any inhibitions he started. Alfred’s last fight against the new ones seemed to be easier then this one. Moe performed his “signature” move. SchoolBoyPin combined with a ride his opponent’s muscles. But Alfred fought back with Legscissors. Because of Moe’s weight, just 60kg, Al was able to throw him around like a toy.
But Moe didn’t stopped. Like an angry tierrer he fought against his opponent, pushed him and used some Headlocks.

Then Moe and Boyka exchanged. This was the end of Alfred. Up first Al ripped off Boyka’s shirt, which was not the best idea. Like mad bull he grabbed Alfred and used all of his power and weight to beat him up. Alfred had no chance. Boyka enjoyed to torture his enemy and irritated him with different erotically grabs. His tactic worked in a perfect way. Just 4 minutes later Alfred have up.

Now it was Fabrizio’s turn. The new one weights about 80kg, like Boyka. But this is his first fight, so he has not that much tricks in his assortment. Against all expectations, he was able to control Boyka. For about seven minutes they performed a well-balanced and exhausting match. When Moe and Boyka exchanged, Fabrizio was low on power. This was the chance for Moe to dominate him. Sometimes he was able to do this, but in case of his low weight, it’s hard to fight in this league. But there is way more power in this little boy then everyone of us ever expected.
Unfortunately the strong arms of Fabrizio pushed the poor Moe down.

But then Fabrizio and Alfred exchanged. And you can really his happiness, when he could dominate the younger Moe. He sat on him in a Schoolboypin and changed into a Bullypin. Something what seems to be impossible when a fights against a big dog. But now he took his chance. Alfred held him in a Headscissor while he gave Moe a hard Wedgie. And then Moe took action and there was a hard rip test for the shorts of the young talents. The fight of them took about ten minutes, but then Boyka continued in his brutal way.
Boyka gagged Alfred with a leather whip. While he performed a Bullypin he took Alfred’s head and pulled it to him. In case of this Alfred was unable to breath. But this was not the whole torture. Just after a quick exchange with Fabrizio, Alfred could have a little break.
Boyka, still armed with his whip, continued his evil game.
He is a way stronger opponent, but you can control him with Bitchslaps, Nippeltwists and Ballgrabs. A really hard and exhausting fist fight for the young talent, who has just 20 years of age.
The boys changed a few times until we reached the climax.
But we would not tell you everything. Only the following:
Boyka increased in that hard match, full of torture. Alfred became his dog und got fettered on a wooden beam. Fabrizio is totally out of power and was not able to support his friend. So both of them had to give up. This time they had to confess that Bombay is way to strong for out young fighters.

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Basement Brawls 4

basementbrawls4Just a little bunch of time earlier, Alfred was a youngster of Fightplace, too. But now he met the next generation fighters, who are training and fighting at the Fightplace house.
This evening he met Joe and Bobby in the hallway. Joe presented the new fighter Bobby, who is the younger brother of Bob, to the Fightplace Team. Alfred just came around to ask for a fight, but when he met the youngsters, he licked blood.
Shortly after that confrontation, they went down to the basement. Alfred started to undress his clothes, to get more moving space. Typical for a good fighter. Joe undressed himself, too. Just a few seconds later, Alfred grabbed Joe, who seems to be stronger. Usually Alfred is more shy in his fights, but today he showed us his brutal side. Joe had to absorb many Scissors, Headlocks and Throws of Alfred, who presented years of experience in this fight. Even if Joe tries to strike back in many different ways he seems like the loser of this fight. Later Joe was out of power, so he had to exchange with Bobby, but Bobby had no chance. You’re able to notice, that Alfred enjoys his advantage. Bobby has to learn way more about that business. Totally silent he had to accept the attacks of Alfred.
When Alfred dispatched both of this Newbies, he left the room.
Now there is a fight under the Youngsters. Joe wanted to find out who the stronger fighter is. But we can just see the opposite of a powerful fight. They’re just rolling on the floor, combined with long holds. They’re just out of power because of the previous rounds.
In our opinion, there are good chances for Bobby, but right now he is just to shy. But we all know, that it takes a bunch of time to go the skills to fight on the Fightplace matts. Joe got way better. Sometimes he was able to give himself as good as Alfred is. If he continues his training he will be a strong fighter.
We were really surprised because of Alfred, because we met his other side. A powerful and self-confident fighter.

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Rumble in the Attic 5

rumbleintheattic5After a long time, there are two known fighters on the matts. Eddie and Bob entered the attic. They met each other outside to take some pictures, but then Moe arrived to make some trouble. He entered the attic, too.
In this fight we can see old vs. new. Eddie and Bob exchanged and Moe fought alone. The two old hands wanted to show the newbie how to fight. Bob and Moe started to fight, but Eddie still took some pictures to continue the shooting of them. Bob seems to be really dominant and Moe had no chance. Then Bob and Eddie exchanged, to check out, if Moe has any chance against the tall boy. But you can get the impression, that Moe is not able to counter anything of his opponents.
Some exchanges later, Moe got a support of Bob. Eddie was not that happy about that and got totally mad. So he attacked Bob immediately. Now there was no structure in the fight. It’s dog eat dog.
The three fighters attacked their opponents with Scissors, Ballgrabs, SchoolBoyPins and way more hard moves. Suddenly they found a whip and a rope. The pure torture got started. Two on one they fettered and whipped each other.
At the end the old structure was restored. They fettered Moe and showed him their dominance.
A crazy fight where everyone had to receive a lot.

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Schoolboypins 15 – Decision in the mud

schoolboypins15Joe went to an secluded forest cabin to calm down and think a little.
Meanwhile some of his friends know this location. So Moe came around.
But instead of being a good friend and supporting him, he is laughing about his new hairstyle and Joe is not that happy about that useless conservation.
Last but not least he accepted a fight with the feisty Moe. They jogged at each other and started to wallow in the mud. There are many SchoolBoyPins used, but in case of the wet lawn and the mud they were not able to grab each other.
To humiliate Joe, Moe started to grease the mud onto the whole body and into the face of his opponent. But Joe knows how to handle this and took vengeance fot this actions.
After 45 minutes of fighting you were not able to recognize the two fighters, who are equipollent. Totally dirty because of the mud, injured knees and oppressed bodies.
But they still keep on fighting without any inhibitions.
They just stopped fighting when Bob suddenly arrived. He drove them back home with his car and let them take a shower.

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Forest of Pain 2

forestofpain2Tony is working in the forest again. While he was hacking a tree, Dago stealed to Tony’s bag, which was lying on the ground a few meters away. He was searching for something inside of it. After he found something usefull he wanted to leave with this object, but because of his nonattantion Tony noticed the thief.
Immidiately he started to hunt Dago. After Tony catched him, he throwed him to the ground. That gave Tony a nice variety to his hard work.
But this fight would nice be that easy. Dago is way stronger than the last opponent (Alfred). He is smal and thin, but very athletic. But he’s fighting like a raging bull.
Tony is forced to use Ballgraps to beat Dago. The fight is aggresive. Both of are ripping their trousers at each other. Even their underwear. Tony is in his own element. He is always torturing Dago with Ballgraps a little bunch of Bearhugs. Then he tied Dago to a tree. Now there are no opportunities for Dago. He had accept Ballgraps, Gutpunching and hard punches on his bottom.
Because of this torture Dago got totally mad and was able to get free of this rope and took all his power to perform the revenge.
Hot Hot Hot!

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Tag Team Battle 9


tagteambattle9parttwoMeeting at the Fightplace flat.
That day Tibet came around after a long time. This was his first contact with the youngsters Ramon and Joe.
Joe and Tibet already knew each other because of their sport’s club. This is the reason why they are in a good relationship. But Ramon is not able to enjoy this prejudice. Tibet’s always provocating him. Seems like he’s searching for trouble.
Hardy is not happy about that. In his opinion it’s not fair for the younger boy.
In this discussion the four fighters built up two teams, which are going to have some hard fights downstairs in the basement.
The two “old hands” Hardy and Tibet began the battle. Hardy, who started up in a really careful way, because of his big respect belonging to Tibet, got some painful moves like Bearhugs, SchoolBoyPins or Scissors. The muscular legs of Tibet, trained by hard soccer matches, are painful and merciless tools for Scissors.
They are always changing through Hot Tags, like you usually do it in a Tag-Team match. Because of this all of them could fight against each other. Joe vs. Ramon, Joe vs. Hardy, and so on.
The first part is way more calm then the second one. Long Holds, including painful Scissors or Full Nelsons.
The second part is heavy and full of action. Very brutal until the end of the fight. Then Tibet was totally going crazy. His opponents were not able to control him, even if they fought him at the same time. To the contrary: every attack let made him more and more mad and brutal. If he grabbed one if his opponents, he punished him with slaps or punches.
But a big respect to Ramon. The performance of him was just great. Again and again he started pushing and punching his way stronger opponent Tibet.

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Real Hard Scissors 6

realhardscissors6After Momo was “done” with Nigel in the truest sense, in the 5th part of this series, he faced Toni in the end. Both threatened the other with a hard match und could hardly wait, to compete in a fight. Real Hard Scissors does directly connect her, effectively a continuation of the events then. Because the opportunity came, when the boys were supposed to collect a sofa from an old villa. During the lugging around, they already started an argument, because they could not settle on how to do things. When the two of them then saw the empty rooms, they did not hestiate and began to tussle. Toni, who recently had trained a lot and had proven in “Forest of Pain”, that he can deal out blows, cut quite a figure against Momo. Visually at least. Wiry and buff he faced Momo. But pugnaciously, Momo added up some tricks and power. Particularly his hard leg scissors bothered his opponents. As they did with Toni. The fight was already extreme, but gained in severity, when Toni realised, that he couldn’t do anything against the scissors of Momo. This made Toni furious and he could have freaked out in rage. With whacking and ballgrabs he tried to release the situation, but Momo didn’t give a damn. He rather tortured Toni more and more, by taking revenge with CBT. He wanted to make absolutely clear, who the boss is. When Momo was in winning-mood, he sat on Toni (Schoolboypin/Bullypin), posed, showed his muscles and tried to let him feel the whipping. Cock to face was his motto. But this wasn’t enough: He put himself on Toni and almost suffocated him with his weight. Nipple torture, ballgrabs, slaps: Toni shouldn’t have been this boastful. Now he didn’t know anymore, what was happening and in the end, he sat in the corner like a picture of misery, after Momo had massacred him for an hour.

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Sweet Sixteens 2

sweetsixteens2For sure we do not have to wait a long time for the revenge of our young newbies. Already at the next day Joe, Moe and Ramon met again at the indoor skatepark. Joe and Ramon rode their BMX bikes and showed their tricks in a little session. Moe, who is not that excited in BMX sport, was totally bored. He took the bike of Ramon to ride a little, but his tour through the skatepark was not that long. He prefers to have hard matches with his Fightplace mates, because he can do this very well.
Outside, in front of the skatepark, the boys made an appointment for the same evening in the Fightplace-house. Moe wants to fight both of them again.
This time Ramon starts, even if he’s stronger and bigger. Moe’s getting better and better from fight to fight. He’s good at learning tricks and moves for his fights. The following fight of them was hard.
They time they didn’t used that much SchoolBoyPins, but more Scissors and Headlocks. The grabs got longer but them then Joe arrived.
Now Joe superseded Ramon. He went on the mats with Moe. You can notice that Joe got more active. Even if he is the smallest one of the trio, he wants to show that he’s not the lamest. Like two terriers the two fighters work for a win with full throttle.
But the whole situation changed when Ramon opened his big mouth. He said, that his friend Joe has no chance against Moe and that he is the worse BMX rider.
Now Joe ignored Moe and turned to Ramon. He grabbed him and throwed him to the ground. Now the real opponents appeared. Both of them were going crazy. They fought way harder and wilder then before. The two friends got true enemies on the mats.

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Sweet Sixteens

sweetsixteensJoe, Moe and Ramon, 16 years of age, are sitting in the kitchen. Joe and Ramon are excited young Bmx-Riders and they are talking about their sport and their bikes the whole time.
Moe, who’s not interested in this kind of sport, is getting annoyed. Actually the two boys wanted to ride their bikes outside but it was raining alle the time. So what should the three teens do that day?
They started talking with Moe about his first fight at Fightplace. Then Moe wanted to fight the newbies in a fair played match: head-to-head.
When they entered the attic, Joe and Ramon had to decide who goes first. The choose was on Joe. Both of the young fighters started to roll on the ground. Each wanted to grab his enemy to turn the fight on his side. A balanced fight which required them to do their best. Even if the muscles of Joe are bigger, Moe is able to dominate his opponent. Thirty minutes later Joe had to confess that he just underestimated Moe, who is the slim kid. He is able to perform hard moves and grabs, which are very powerful, too.
The second round against Ramon started on the same level. The stamina of Moe is just amazing. He was able to perform a hard fight against Ramon to, even if Ramon is havier then Joe and Moe! An awesome performance of the newcommer. But we do not tell you if he is able to beat up Ramon, too.
We can see two very exciting fight, full of SchoolBoyPins with a bunch of long holds.
We are proud and happy to have this newbies! They are an enrichment for the Fightplace-Team!!!

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Real Hard Scissors 5

realhardscissors5Fightplace got another newcomer. Nigel, just 19 years of age, met Toni and Momo at the casting.
He should not fight against both of them, because he’s just new and unexperienced. So Momo and Toni draw lots, to find the rival for Nigel. Momo won the gamble.
All of us know Momo’s preference for scissors, so we decided to continue our Real Hard Scissors – series with this movie. And this is what we got.
The poor newcomer Nigel is not able to notice what’s happening, because Momo starts with his brutal scissors so that Nigel needs to gasp for breath all the time. But that’s not the whole bundle of Momo’s “torture-bundle”. Ballgrabs and Wedgies are favorite devices of Momo.
Nigel is going mad, because of the hard circumstances and he is able to let oneself go, but would this be enough to beat the experienced Momo?

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