Who would win? – Boxer vs. Wrestler

The old question: who wins a fight boxer vs. wrestler?
We would like to find an answer for us and therefor invited Ali (18), boxer and soccer player and Bruno (16), wrestler.
First they meet at the punching bag. Bruno does ok but you can see that it is not easy for him. For Ali on the other hand it is easy and you can see his strong punch.
But the question is who will win the real wrestling match? Ali, new at fightplace, is bigmouthed and predicts that Bruno will also lose the wrestling match.
Bruno who has gained more muscles since his last fight is looking forward to show his wrestling tricks.
It will be an exciting hour with Bruno and Ali. Both give everything. Who will be the final winner will not be prevailed. Is it the wiry but well trained Ali at his debut or the younger but sturdier Bruno with his wrestling experience?

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Real Hard Scissors 10

Bob and Jermaine meet for a trial of strength. They start with arm wrestling afterwards they head for a wrestling match.
In round one Jermaine is able to clutch Bob in a nice leg scissor. But Bob is strong enough to free himself and counterattacks with a body scissor. Jermaine just sees one way out: ballgrabs!

Second round with free upper bodys starts the same. Bob finds himself in a body scissor but gets free quite fast. Now Jermaine has to suffer in a head scissor for a long time. Since he is quite agile he could get free finally and the round ends in a draw.

We see fantastic body scissor action in round 3. The boys, only in briefs now, attack each other with body and head scissors. Both have to suffer a lot. It gets harder and we see more and more humiliating moves like wedgies and ballgrabs. Especially Bobs front wedgies offer some nice insights.

The fight is very demanding for the guys, especially Jermaine has to suffer under Bob´s strength and brutality. Jermaine is able to use some good moves as well but Bob is the stronger one in this fight. Even Jermaine´s biting attacks make him only more aggressive.

Especially in the last two rounds of their struggle we see a tough and hard wrestling for the final victory.

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Hot Haters

The humiliation Moe had to suffer through Basti in „Little Beasts“ should not be the last chapter of their fight history. Moe wants to take revenge on Basti.
Moe sneaks through a window into the gym to have the moment of surprise. But Basti discovers him quite fast and is astonished about Moe´s courage.
Indeed Moe is either very brave to enter the lion`s den or very reckless. He should know that Basti is a strong and hard opponent who is not really kid-gloved with his rivals. But Moe is fearless and enters the ring.
It´s a hard fight from the start on. Basti does not spare his opponent. Everyone should see what it means to challenge him. Moe has to suffer a lot already in round one.
But he is tough, waiting for his moments. And so we see nice tricks from him in round two. He can even bring Basti to the ground which makes him even more aggressive.
Now Basti is showing his evil side. Maybe it would have been better if Moe had not used ballgrabs. Because now he is punished for this effrontery.
Schoolboypins with grabs between Moes legs, scissors in all variations and many mean games show the repertory of Bastis tricks. If Moe would have known what expects him, he would not have set a single foot into the ring.

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Great Comebacks

It´s a reencounter with old acquaintances. Long time no see but very popular faces.

One is Marius. He has invited Heiko for a casting. After some words Heiko shows his skills at the punching bag. He can hit, but is it enough for a wrestling match?
They wait for Heiko´s opponent who does not arrive in time. Since Marius does not want to waste time he steps in. Proudly he presents the fightplace boxing ring. Heiko should proof that after his strong words before he can also deliver strong action here.

It starts fast and powerful. Heiko throws Marius on the ground. He acts extremely hard and fast. Too fast for the start? Marius has to react and uses all his technique and power to set something against this power package.

Marius was able to get experience from his time at fightplace which helps him now. He puts Heiko into a bad head scissor. The first damp for Heiko. Also round two ends in a scissor and he has to give up again. In round 3 you can see that Heiko is already a bit battered. But he tries to keep on fighting.

He has a highlight in round 4. With more experience he could have beaten Marius. But his skills are not enough. And his power fades away. Marius attacks him with kicks and the newbie has to throw the towel and surrenders completely.

The other old acquaintance is Jasper who shows up. Actually he was planned as the opponent for Heiko but now has to fight Marius. We did not see Jasper for quite some years and are curious about how he has developed.

Marius is super nervous and strongly wants to test Jasper. Who on the other hand is very relaxed and takes his time. They also fight very hard. But it seems to be more thought out. Both have more experience and know how to pace a fight.

The first round goes to Jasper who is proofing that he still knows the tricks. The next round is tougher. Marius attacks Jasper with cock and ball grabs and fights much more aggressively. Jasper can stroke back for some time but has to surrender in the end. A triumph for Marius.

He still has power when Bob enters the room. That was just what he was waiting for. Bob loves to fight bigmouthed guys and is happy to join Marius in the ring.

Whether Bob can prevail or Marius is able to beat his bigger opponent will not be disclosed yet.

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Little Beasts

Basti lured Moe and Joe into the gym. If we would have invited them officially they would keep away since both guys have a dispute for quite some time. They usually avoid meeting each other.

Basti had the idea to bring both guys into the boxing ring. Their quarrel should find an end here. A hard but mostly fair fight should bring the decision.

After Basti told them the rules the fight is about to begin. We see the confrontation of Joe and Moe, our top youngster. This battle was long overdue.

Moe leads the match at first. He dominates Joe with long schoolboy pins scissors and muscle riding. Those who know Joe have realized that he always needs time to get in the right mood. And so the match gets quite equal at its middle part. Joe keeps on with his favorite, the schoolboy pin. And he loves to bring Moe´s head between his legs. Moe starts his leg scissor moves and has success.

His BMX steeled legs put Joe through a hard torture. But after some time he could free himself again. Now the match gets harder and ball graps come into the game. While the tactic was a bit reserved at first, it now comes to total domination.

Joe or Moe. Victory or defeat. Who leaves the ring as the winner can be very proud of himself. Those tough 60 minutes were about honor and the favor of the fightplace fans. Both are the most popular fighters at the moment. But only one guy can be the real number one.

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Fightplace Fight Night 3

There are still some fights from our fight night tournament you haven´t seen yet. For example the fight between Dustin and Jermaine.

Dustin is really into fighting tonight and wants to run against everybody. In his second fight against Fabio his skills were not enough for victory. He had to realize that even rookies could be very powerful. With his battle against Jermaine he wants to make that defeat forgotten.

But also Jermaine is a tough guy and not easy to handle. And so the first round ends bloody for Dustin. Luckily it is not too bad and he can keep on fighting.

In round two Dustin is the dominating one and he enjoys it. Jermaine has to be careful not get completely knotted. Dustin keeps on top until the second half of the fight. Than Jermaine is able to bring him into a really tough body scissor.

Dustin tries everything to free himself. Dustin makes a mistake and lets loose for a short moment. Overtime the moves get slower and the holds longer. The power fades out of the sweaty bodies. Is sweet sixteen Dustin able to stand against his 20 years old opponent? In the first half it seems to be that way but does he has the power to withstand a second defeat?

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Master of Disaster 2

Marcel ist proud and presents Knuts shredded slip to Bubu. Very bigmouthed he requests Bubu to enter the ring. After some verbal attacks and a bit nudging Bubu brings Marcel to the ground through a tough throw.
Marcel tries to free himself but has no success. Already in the second round Bubu tries to shred Marcels slip but it withstands. The fight gets more aggressive each minute. Bubu puts Marcel into a hard body scissors and switches into a schoolboy pin. Now he tortures Marcel with slaps into his face and muscle riding. Marcel tries to get free witch all his power but has no chance. This round goes to Bubu.
The next round continues that way. Bubu is a scissor expert. Marcel fights back with headlocks. Bubu wants revenge for Knut and tries to destroy Marcels shorts at every chance he gets. But they are very stable. But for Marcel these games are quite painful although. After Bubu keeps Marcel into a hard head scissor he has to surrender finally.
Now Bob who has watched the fight for some time barges in. They bob and weave around each other, head to head. But than a hard fight is about to begin. Now Bubu has a much stronger opponent.
Does he still has enough power and stamina to prevail again?

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Master of Disaster

Marcel is back again and wants to form his body. He meets Knut whom he has not seen for many years. And so they commit for a trial of strength. They head for the ring and start right away.
Marcel needs no time fo warmup. He puts Knut into a headlock, holds him for quite some time and starts to shred Knuts shorts. Just after 15 minutes Knut is able to free himself.

Now he can show his skills and starts his payback with a schoolboy pin and ballgraps.
The fight gets harder. Marcel can put Knut into leg scissor and keeps on destroying Knuts shorts which are only scrap. He tries to tie Knut up with a rope to keep him helpless. But Knut defends himself with everything he has.

So Marcel grabs between Knuts legs and ties his balls longer and longer. But Knut he not the typical loser today. As soon as he is free again he is up for revenge. Cock and ball torture is also part of his own repertory.
He attacks Marcels balls with his feet until he nearly passes out. But after that Marcel tortures Knut again with a mean head scissor, hits him with boxing blows and finishes his trousers.

Now Knut freaks out and beats Marcel. But Marcel is a tough and hard fighter and Knut seems to get a bit cocky. He tries to shred Marcels trousers as well but his speedos resist while Knut has to fight naked meanwhile.
He gives everything but that is not enough against Marcel. He gains upper hand over Knut who lies powerless on the floor at the end.
At that time Bubu enters the gym seeing how Marcel hits the naked Knut on the floor. He doesn´t like what he sees. To be continued in part 2.

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Ring of Fire

Moe and Hardy are the first fighters testing the new boxing ring. They start with a sparring, wearing boxing shorts and boxing glove. If fightplace would be a boxing company everything would be fine. But we are wrestling. And so the boxing ring becomes a wrestling ring.
Hardy does not like the bigmouth of Moe. He appears very overbearing, pretending he is the king. And that´s what Hardy doesn´t like at all.
He puts the cutie into a bearhug. And since the thaiboxing shorts are not wrestling style both get rid of them and continue in their slips.
Moe starts with a lot of power and a nice schoolboy pin. He tries to jar Hardy with lewd moves. But Hardy plays the game and bites into Moe´s balls. And he keeps a focus on Moe´s crutch. We see cock and ball torture at its best.
The fight even gets bloody – don´t be scared. Hardy really puts Moe through the mill but has to suffer a lot as well. Moe also knows no mercy. He chokes his opponent and grabs Hardy´s balls.
But Hardy prevails. He even has regards for Moe but when he punches his stomach, Hardy gets upset and Moe has to suffer a real massacre with wedgies, ass slapping and trampling torture. Hardy presents his steeled biceps in a victory pose. Ring of fire – it can´t get hotter in the ring.

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Fightplace Fight Night 2

Part 2 of this fight night will get exciting as well. Both fighters are equally tall and heavy. Dustin is the younger one but has more fighting experience. Fabio (formerly known as Mr. Mysterious) is a bit shy but has a lot of power. He shows that already at the first contact and throws his opponent to the floor hardly. From that on it´s a hard wrestling for victory. Dustin knows a lot of tricks and uses his hard scissors that take a lot of strength away from Fabio. And so the first round goes to Dustin.

Second round starts similar. No wild catching but long holds, many scissors and positions that make it hard to free from for the opponent. So they have to use ballgraps and wedgies to get out of hopeless situations. It seems to be Dustin´s round as well. But when he tries to shred Fabios trousers he gets really angry, takes his last power and turns the tables. He puts Dustin into really hard scissors and he has to submit.

The last round will bring the decision of the battle. Dustin, who has won nearly every fight does not want to lose against the rookie. Fabio wants to show everybody that he is able to win fights as well. It will be exciting until the very end.

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