Extremes meet

EextremesmeetUsually the saying goes: “the opposites attract”, but not in this case.

Lukas visited Bob in our shared apartment, because he was waiting for
his train. Both of them made themselfes comfortable in the living room
and watched some old fights.
But, typical for our fighters, they wore down each other. They always
shouted anything out, on every opportunity, but they had to accept a
counter of the other one. Finally they were tired of that stupid
comments and went up to the attic.
After a handshake they immediately began to fight. Large and slim vs.
small and muscular. The fight seemed to be well balanced, Bob had to
cross his borders. The small Lukas had enormous power, which got him
into trouble. He was nearly unable to use any of tricks or to get free
of Lukas’ grabs. They performed some schoolboypins, scissors and headlocks.
Bob had to give up after a very hard scissor of Lukas, which made him
unable to move. But he didn’t give up the whole fight. Bob tried to
perform any nasty trick on Lukas again and again, to outsmart his power.
The fight was difficult for Lukas to. Bob is very toll ,but agile, too.
Because of his agility he was able to abandon most of Lukas tricks and
grabs. Finally Bob performed a hard headlock. Lukas was unable to get
free of it.

The very end of this fight was totally unexpected, but for sure there
will be a revange!

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After School Wrestling

afterschoolwrestlingThe banger of this month was decided between Moe and Jim in the movie “After School Wrestling”. One reason is, that Jim just had his third fight and he learned many new tricks and technical stuff and became way more power during that three fights. On the other hand Moe showed us his open sexually site to prove that Fightplace is his own “stage”. He is in his element when he finds the perfect mix of serious martial arts and having fun while he is living himself on the mats. This fight lasts about 50 minutes and we will see a lot action, outstanding, partly dangerous and enduring conflicts. For sure our youngsters are having fun and diss each other the whole time, but they always are focused on their opponent, to prevail over him.

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Bedroom Brawls 2

bedroombrawls2-4Blade hardened his muscles in the bedroom of the Fightplace living community. Alfred was in the badroom next door. Alfred was watching him, but suddenly he took the free weights to show him his power. Then it turned into a fight of the two competitors. During the fight they used to whole room as a arena. Bed, carpet and mattress. They were always changing the venue of their match. At the beginning Alf was able to give Blade a hard legscissor. Blade was unable to get free of this bad position. Alf hold a for a long time, to make Blade worn out. But then Blade was able to counter this hard grab with a schoolboypin combined with a painful ballgrab. Our competitors semmed to be as strong as the other one, because it was a kind of give and take. Painful scissors are Alf’s speciality. He performed them in every situation, especially some the sweaty headscissor were hard to handle. Blade was against this not that good at technical grabs. He tried to beat up his opponent with his power, because he is a soccer play, so he has very strong legs, too. But all in all he had to endure a lot. Camel clutch, schoolboy- and bullypins, slaps in the face, Alf’s feet and many more. Alf was dominating and presented him his power! For sure Blade was able to counter sometimes, too. But this moments are rarely. Then Alf performed a nearly perfect armbar. Will Blade be able to get free of this painful grab and to turn the fight.

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Real Hard Scissors 7

realhardscissors7-4Momo showed us the pure power of his muscles, especially of his legs. His legs are very strong and he knows how to handle them. Our new fighter Aivary had to notice that on a painful way. The young Latvian (20 years of age) had his fightplace dabut that day. He is self-confident, thorougly fit and nearly made of steal. We immediately noticed, that he had good tricks, too. So it was a hard fight for Momo and not easy going. Both of them entered the matts wearing sexy thongs. That grants lots of mobility and both of them provided from that. The cute Latvian was very flexible, powerful and ambitious. But the hard scissors of Momo gave him a hard fight. He found nearly no way to get free of this scissors. And if you stack in them, there is no way out. It took just a few moments until you are unable to breathe. Momo was very confidently but at the end Aivary got mad and tried to turn the fight. Than Momo had to take care, that he won’t lose this. In our oppinion our “new one” had a really good debut and we would be happy to meet him again. Exciting and sexy until the end.

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Master of fields

masteroffields-1While Lukas was walking on his meadows he got a good reason to be surprised. Ramon was lying on the lawn, which was intended for his simmental breed. The young Ramon was stubborn, so Lukas had to show him who is the master of fields.
Powerhouse vs powerhouse. There is just one big difference: Lukas is older then him and from this followed that Lukas has way more experience with fighting.
Lukas had more than 50 fights at Fightplace and some boxing fights in his free time, too. So Lukas is not even a good wrestler, he is a good boxer, too.
So we know, that Ramon reached his borders and he would be unable to contest Lukas. But Ramon didn’t want to give up. If Lukas got too careless, Ramon was able to counter. But most of the time he had to accept some painful defeats.
Lukas performend many of his tricks. So we saw some nice camel-clutches, schoolboy- and bullypins and some fantastic ball crushing scissors. Lukas also showed us his painful shaking scissors, which were unable to handle for Ramon. Poor Ramon is the only thing we could say, but maybe his next fight will be better.

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Twinks in Trouble

twinksintrouble-4Hardy was walking through the town. When he met up Piedro the trouble was inavetable. They crashed up into each other and remembered the past fight at the attic. Piedro started to Talk about this and wanted to get his revenge.
Hardy didn’t want to rumble on the streets, so they decided to enter the attic again.
In this fight will be no mercy for Piedro. The last fight of them was Piedro’s first one so he got a period of grace.
The first minutes were more quiet and they respected each other. But this changed after a few minutes.
Hardy enjoyed his cute opponent and Piedro had to notice that. But Piedro didn’t wanted to use any erotically stuff, he just wanted the victory. Since the last fight, Piedro had same other ones, too. So he got more experience and more tricks.
Hardy seemed to be a little but surprised of that. It was very hard for him to contest his opponent. Both of them have good technical skills. Scissors, Headlocks and schoolboypins are very common in this fight. But what about the stamina? If Piedro dominated Hardy he was just able to counter with ballgrabs.
Is Piedro able to win this revenge or will Hardy be the winner of this duel?

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Fightplace began EASTER 2015

easterWe have the biggest Easter eggs:

Starting now, our favourite “Buy three – pay for two” sale, which lasts
for four days!

If you buy two or three downloads or DVDs, you are allowed to wish one more articel which is our present for you.
If you buy four movies you can take two more for free.
When you buy five DVDs or downloads you can add three free movies to your wishlist, which are our present just for you. You need to write down your wished articels into to field “remarks”, but just into that field! If you will write in down in any other way, we can’t your wished articels.

Additionally, you will receive a 20% coupon in the next four days! This can be redeemed in one of your next orders in our shop.

And as if that were not enough, for the next four days we will deliver
your DVD orders for free, so no delivery charges!

Your Team Fightplace wishes you a happy Easter 2015!!!

vouchercode: EASTER2015

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Forest of Pain 3

forestofpain3-2Toni is working at the SWAT-team and got the mission to arrest Blade. So
he started to search for Blade, who was working in a forest when he
found him. For sure Blade was surprised and horrified about this, he
didn’t accept the arrest, so they began a hard fight. After a few
minutes Tony was able to cuff Blade, who was then stripped. Constricted
like a little package, Blade had to wait for his removal. But the
situation turned, because of Knut, who passed by while he was jogging
and heard poor Blade whining. Immediately he tried to free Blade, but
Tony had to accomplish his mission and so fought both of them.

Tony was now in his element and was able to dominate both of his
opponents, tying them to a tree. Then came their punishment for their
disobedience. Tony began by giving them a spanking, but they had to
endure many other things too, such as gut-punching and ball grabs. Tony
didn’t want to hear them whine, and so taped their mouths shut.

Next he had to find a way to bring Blade to the precinct. This meant he
had to free both of them. They promised to be calm and not to make any
trouble, but they had a plan to get revenge on Tony once they were freed.
At the moment of their release, things came to a head!

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Schoolboypins 16

schoolboypins16Joe was waiting for the new Superdry-Jacket he ordered. There is only one problem: he had not enough money. But he had a faked 50€ note, which he wanted to pin to the parcel service. Moe, who was working as a supplier, delivered the package. When he returned to his car, he checked the received money and noticed that the note was faked. Immidiately he went back to Joe. In front of the house they met and a little wrangling rised. They appointed on a little grassland to avoid causing a sensation. In the afternoon both of them entered the grassland. The fight belonged not alone to the jacket. They measured their strength, too. Both of them try to dominate the opponent with schoolboy- and bullypins. After about 10 minutes Joe had no more power, so he had to surrender and give Moe the jacket. But the story still continued. They came onto conflict again and Joe wanted another match with Joe. Same place, same time they fought the second round. In this round Joe tried to use more tricks then before. In the last round, their were just schoolboy- and bullypins, but now Joe used his strong legs to perform some scissors. Moe was getting in trouble because of this hard scissors. But is this enough to overcome the wiry Moe? A nice outdoor jeans and bomber jacket match of our youngters Joe and Moe.

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Double Trouble

doubletrouble-1This time we present a true double pack: double action, double excitement!
First Jim and Devin got into trouble. Jim, who really failed his first fight at Fightplace, got bullied by Devin, but Jim is a very serious guy, who doesn’t like to use. In his free time he likes to play football and to ride Bmx. Because of this he got many advantages: stamina and the strong will to ein.
He got a deal with Devin and went onto the matts. The fight took “just” half an hour, but is full of tricks and showed, that an opponent who is a light weight, can get very dangerous. Devin had many problems until the fight came to his end. Jim was totally happy because of this. But is Jim able to preserve his speed and his advantages until the end?
The next fight happened between Bob and Bubu. Both of them are more experienced but used the same ambition. Now the tricks became more nasty. And this fight had a surprise, too. Bubu, who didn’t lose a fight for a long time and who is feared in the Fightplace-Team, had problems with fighting Bob. Did he had a Bad day or did Bob got so good in his short Fightplace career. Bob just used many different tricks and was able to dominate Bubu. Bubu, wounded in his honor, always tried to turn the fight.

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