Privat Battle 15

privatbattle15-4Jermaine has passed his first fight against Barney with flying colors. And hardly Barney has disappeared from his home, the next dive Streithahn in the form of Toni. The alleged Jermaine had what had with his girlfriend. When the dispute Toni is then discovered severe scratches on Jermaine’s back sparked. Toni do not know that Jermaine has just fought previously with Barney.
Jermaine hand, is motivated enough yet to lay a fight. After all, he has just won a fight. And fun is it to him at that. So why not do the same with Toni now?
At this time Jermaine not even know that Toni is a different caliber as Barney. The Psycho is larger, heavier, stronger than Jermaine’s opponents before. In addition to every trick washed what tricks terms. Toni dominated happy and leaves out any opportunities to show his opponent really.
When they deliver their fight on the mat, is feeling Jermaine Toni’s properties. The handles are brutal that Scissors stronger and especially the ballgrabs stronger and longer. But Jermaine knows well adapt to this situation. His counter attacks are targeted and very effective. It is fast, agile and white, with the help of some professional wrestling tricks to help. But whether it is enough for Toni? Who his foot is dominant and in a victorious end to the body of the other, will not be revealed here.

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Fly flying high

flyflyinghigh-3Little Fly (17) began his Fightplace (debut) with a fight against Moe.
Even if he is a small guy, he talked very big. Moe was mad because of this, so he wanted to fight him. They got in trouble while they were in the kitchen and Moe noticed, that his his little opponent is way more powerful then he ever expected.
Fly was going crazy, grapped Moe’s legs and threw him to the ground. Typical for the smaller guys, that they don’t want to be the loser. Same situation here. Fly was able to counter nearly every single attack of Moe.
Moe got stretched to his limits through the dedication of the little boy. Fly ripped Moe’s jeans and tried to torture him with ballgraps. It was a bad decision. Moe was able to turn the fight and our little newcomer got a presentation of dirty fighting. Moe used every single nasty trick he learned and Fly had any chance to turn this. Moe dominated him without mercy.
Fly had to taste the smell of Moe’s feet and got fettered. This is what you get, if you underestimate Moe.
But it was a great job of Fly, who fought very forceful and motivated. He performed some graps you don’t expect from a newbie. We’re not sure of Fly wants to fight anymore after this torture.
We would appreciate it!

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Real Hard Scissors 8

realhardscissors8-3Jermaine(18) is new to Fightplace and has his first match against Barney. During the fight we learned they are a good pair of fighters. Because for fans of the submission style this fight is a delight. Both go hard on each other since the beginning and Barney had learned a lot of tricks during his years in Fightplace. So in the first rounds he can make food points with his scissors. It almost looks like Barney has no trouble because Jermaine does not get out of them easily. But after some round he knows how to counter. As he realises he has a chance against the older Barney he starts to power up. It now looks bad for Barney. Jermaine gave him no chance, performed graps which where impossible to counter. The only chance Barney had, were nasty tricks like ballgraps. But Jermaine learned fast and is able to endure much pain. Poor Barney. We were very surprised about the big amount of tricks our newcomer had. He knows how to use his body perfectly. He told us, that he is a big wrestling fan, who had seen those tricks in TV. Well done! A slim but cute boy, who is a very good fighter. We are sure, that you will like him!

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Private Punishment 3

privatepunishment3-1Toni meets the newcomer Rico at his garage.
The boys are talking about the last fights at Fightplace. Rico is showing his muscles whilst they talk. He looks good in his new shirt. Toni seems unimpressed but internally he dislikes that the newcomer is showing off. So he challenges him to a match.
Both fighters go hard on each other and are not sparing their clothes. Toni rips Rico’s new shirt apart. Now the fight is getting even harder and more brutal. Rico has a lot of power but toni knows more tricks and he is less shy than Rico. So he starts with ballgrabs, then rips Rico’s jeans and after that his Slip. Both opponents are now naked and Toni is starting to torture Rico. Toni strikes again and again Rico’s weakest point. To top that he binds his balls with the ripped Slip. This probably hurts a lot! Now Toni binds the tortured Rico’s arms behind his back with parts of the jeans. This is the end of the fight and Rico is left to the mercy of his brutal opponent.

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Happy Easter!

egg1Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!
We wish all our customers a Happy Easter.
So you, the days will not be too long, after all it’s still pretty cold outside,
We have put together some great offers for you:
First, we offer you the coveted “Buy 2 – get 3” to action. That is when buying two or three movies, you’ll get a desired film now. Buyer of 4 or 5 movies, you get 2 favorite movies for free. Buyer of 6 or 7 movies, you get 3 favorite movies for free. And so on. Please send us an e-mail with your desired free films. The download access (link) to your desired movie You will receive then a short time later.
In addition, we are clearing our DVD camp. Therefore, we want to make the DVD fans among you a hot deal.
We offer this in two different packages:
DVD Package 1 includes 5 different DVD’s at a price of only EUR 25,95
DVD Package 2 includes 10 different DVDs at a price of only EUR 39.95
ATTENTION! Since we will not print new DVD’s for this action, the number of items is limited, of course. Sales therefore only takes place,
As long as stock lasts.
The DVD’s are selected by us at random and come from ALL categories.
We wish you beautiful Easter!

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Hello from Asia

hellofromasia-4Sejam is new to Fightplace and comes for a fight with Ramon from afar arrived. Our guest from the Far East want the young powerhouse Ramon show what tricks he’s got and since muscle mass is not ALL. The tension in the fight rising continuously. Both fighters give the enemy no. It quickly passes into the ground fighting from the stand. Sejams technology is already very good, but it may at first the hard drop Attacks by Ramon oppose little. After about 20 minutes the tide turns, however. Sejam manages to get his opponent under control and not to let up with armlocks and Hip chokes. Ramon lobs still, lie a few effective slams, however, bring this little against the clean technology Sejam. The hard insert of the guys takes its toll and then the boots color red in places. The last 20 minutes dominated Sejam who no longer dismisses his opponents from the armlocks. One sees the anger in Ramons face who wants to free itself constantly but can not. That makes him furious.

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BMX Buddies

bmxbuddies-5Bruno and Dustin went back from an BMX-Event. Bruno lost this time and tries to make up for it with his big mouth. But Dustin does not like this and searches the konflict. They want to settle it in the training room. We know Dustin from his fights in the boxing club in Berlin. There he has shown big potential and proved that he can take bigger and older opponents. And so we see in this match that Bruno made a bing mistake with his bragging. Bruno had a good debut against Devin, but he did not expect so much power and strength in Dustin. Dustin shows no mercy and completely dominates Bruno. Bruno needs to concentrate all his power to counter Dustin, but he only gets more angry and torments his enemy even more. Dustin gives everything and shows he is an worthy Fightplace-Fighter.

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Schoolboypins 17

schoolboypins17-4Joe wants to meet outside his new shoes to show off with his boys. He makes their way just in the bathroom when Moe comes in. This however, has concerned also new shoes. The situation gets out of control. Both want to compete, because everyone has their own shoes perceived as better. Which of the two of them is now before the boys better there? Joe with Nike Air Max or Moe with Adidas Flux? In the training room, it is decided by a fight. The fight will be held at schoolboy-style and is fairly balanced. Both do not spare insults and go hard to the point. Of course, the cool shoes are also used to humiliate the opponent. After about 60 minutes humiliations it is decided and the winner rubs the shoes around the face of the enemy.

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New Kid in Town

newkidintown-6Bruno is new in town. When he heard about Fightplace he really wanted to join the little wrestling club. He was a big fan of wrestling and watched it nearly every evening in TV. This was his chance to perform those tricks life. But he had to wait for it, because he had bad grades in school. His mother, who had to sign a consent form, pressupposed that he had to get better grades. He agreed and just a few month later he turned to bad grades into better ones. Now it was time to enter Fightplace. His start up is against Devin. They are the same age, but Devin is a little heavier and optically bigger. The reason for this fight is an argument over a jacket. What we could see in the first rounds of the fight was very suprising. This little guy seems to inhale every wrestling move out there and is now using them against Devin. It is great fun to watch him, to see him use his legs and to dominate Devin with his moves. Devin tries to counter him with all his might. Near the end bob is getting in between. He saw the fight between Devin and Bruno and decided to check the new one as well. Does Bruno have enough power to challange this taller and havier opponent?

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Young Athletes 4

youngathletes4-3Joe was working out when Devin entered the fightroom. The two rivals got in trouble. After a few moments words were not enough so they went onto the matts. Devin is doing a good fight, because he wants to beat up his old competitor today. He performed a nice schoolboypin and rode on his muscles. Joe was unable to get out of this position and had to give up the first round. Ramon was watching the two guys for a while. He wanted to fight against Devin, because of the unfair move. Now he used the same nasty trick on him. The whole weight of Ramon was too much for Devin and he had to surrender. Ramon and Joe continued. The fight became way harder and more aggressiv. Ramon knocked Joe out with a painful full nelson, so he won the first round. But everyone who belive’s that Joe is giving up would be wrong. Like in the fight before Joe needs some time to warm up. If this point is reached it gets dangerous for his enemies. Same in this match. This evening Joe takes it to a level we have never seen before. With extraordinary moves, brave aktions and a confidence hard to compare to anyone, he dominates the second half of this mini tournament. Wether Devin nor Ramon are able to stop his unshakeable will to win. His steeled thighs frighten his enemies. He celebrates every win like a trophy and shows his muscles. After an long bullypin from Joe, Devin needs to submit to him and is totally exhausted. Again and again Joe rides his muscles, pulls his head and let’s him know who is the boss. Ramon has to submit to this force too. Both rivals leave angry the room. Joe continues his training and does not expect what is about to happen. Out of nowhere comes Devin and kicks Joe. This is the start of an fiercing fight between these rivals. Is Devin able to beat Joe this time?

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