Payback is a bitch

paybackisabitch-4The continuation of ‘’He’s a bitch Part 2’’ .
This evening has not come to a close as Hardy is leaving the attic and leaving his ‘’Body-Toys’’ behind. Back in the apartment Hardy meets Waldimir, who is asking immediately what hardy has been doing up there. Wladi is confronting Hardy. Hardy suspects the worst, because he knows that only Wladimir is allowed to be in the rote of the master. When Hardy’s ‘’victim’’ Knut is coming down from the attic and starts telling the whole story, Waldi loses no time. He pushes Hardy upstairs and wants to show him, who really is the master. Everyone who knows Waldi knows that he is not nice to his enemy. So Hardy has to endure a lot. 20 Kilograms of difference in weight are giving a brief idea, how much power is in Waldimir and that he is using Hardy like a toy. He throws him around, squeezes his balls and is spanking him.
After Waldi is finished with Hardy he graps Moe. Moe deserves a beating, too, because he had his way with Knut. It is time for revenge from Waldimir. He has some fun with the boys and takes it up with both of them at the same time.
This shows to be no match for him. The more his enemies are putting on a fight, the more fun he has with them. Waldi is in his element and shows no fears or mercy.. He ties his opponents, gags them, squeezes their balls and lets them feel his feet. As Waldimir is leaving the attic to get something to drink, Hardy and Moe get the idea to convince Knut to unite with them against Waldimir. They hope to get a chance to fight the Fightplace King.
After Wladimir’s return to the attic the slaughter begins. With intelligent timing, talking and joined forces the three boys manged to pin Wladi to the ground. Are they able to keep him there and force him to give up?

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Privat Battle 13

privatbattle13-4In the early evening there was trouble in the Fightplace flat. Giasy got himself ready to date someone. Brushing his teeth, styling, whatever you have to do. Ramon wanted to do this too but Giasy was just to slow. He harassed Giasy and pushed him out of the bathroom. But the little boy is not that easy to bump. Quite the contrary: he boasted with his muscles in front of the mirror to impress Ramon. Ramon isn’t impressed and, to be honest, Ramon has more muscles then his roommate.
They pushed each other into the bedroom to measure their strength by arm wrestling. Ramon was surprised because Giasy nearly bet him. Ramon was just able to win this confrontation with a nasty trick. They immediately turned into wrestling. Now Giasy proved that there is a lot of power in this youngster. Usually Ramon dominates his opponents easily, if they have the same age, but not in this case. So that he had to fight with his whole power and tricks. He also had to use some nasty methodes to contest his little opponent. But the youngster can still find some ways to counter Ramon. Giasy has a lot power. Very impressive for a 16 year old boy.
The fight took about 70 minutes because the two fighters are on the same level. This 70 minutes were strength-sapping, arduous and full of headlocks, scissors, damn long holds and some hard actions when they where whirling around, too.
After about 60 minutes Giasy seemed to be totally out of power. Ramon went into the badroom, but then Giasy wanted to get a revenge. He wanted to get another battle with his strong opponent immediately after he lost the match.

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He’s a bitch! – Part One & Part Two

hesabitchpartoneThis video does not need a lot of words. Moe and knut are in their element. These two absolutely found to each other. Knut makes himself comfortable on the sofa. He just wants to chill after work. But his roommate Moe is full of energy, he wants some fun and action. He is nerving Knut until he gives in to fight him. We are following them to the attic. What is now happening in the next 70 minutes, none of us would have expected. Moe is starting with full speed and makes knut his slave. He is enjoying extremely, to dominate him, to torture him and to knead him roughly. Knut has a lot of trouble, to counter Moe’s energy. After some time he is giving up and is letting everything happening to him. This submission is used by Moe to tie him up and play with him. With his sharp, relaxed and sympathetic kind, Moe manages to completly throw his enemy off. It almost looks like knut’s enjoying, to get beaten by his younger friend. The role of the master suits Moe. Knut’s now his bitch. But has knut forgotten that he is owned by Hardy? This guy lurks on those two for quite some time in the attic. What happens when hardy shows himself, you will all see in the second part of he’s a bitch

hesabitchparttwoHardy is lurking for quite some time behind a curtain and is watching the games of Moe and Knut. What is this young dominant brat doing with his sub? Hardy is the master of Knut, wich was greatly clarified in “master & slave”. Why is this youngster getting involved and trys to be a master? This could not be tolerated by Hardy. He is getting involved! Knut is happy to serve both masters, but between the masters hardy and Moe a lot of things have to be clarified. The masters are fighting each other, in their manners. Will hardy be able to defend his bitch or does he lose “her” to Moe?

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Dear friends of Fightplace…

…the summertime has ended and we have to spend more time with the computers now. We want to work a lot this autumn to respond the wishes of our customers.
We prepared some votings for you, which will reach you by our newsletter. First of all it is about our new website. Do you like it, do you have any improvement suggestions or do you prefer the old website?
The following votings belong to the fighters, plot of the movies and so on.
This weekend we will publish a new movie. It’s a fight between Moe, Knut and Hardy with two parts. A hard DOM/SUB video like Master and Slave. Have fun!

Do you like our new shop? Or do you want the old shop

View Results

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Tag Team Battle 10

(C) fightplace - Tag Team Battle 10 - 121This time Joe(17) and Ramon(16) are fighting with joint forces against the team from Albania David(17) and Manu(17/New to Fightplace). As daintily as the two boys from the Balkan are looking, they should not be underestimated, at least in a fight. Both teams are showing a brilliant performance in this tag team match.
Even Ramon, our “big guy”, has trouble against the fast and very agile boys of the enemy team.
Joe is getting better and better and in the end out does himself. What he is performing today, none of our friends had seen before. What has become out of the small Youngster, even though his short time in Fightplace, shows a bright future for him. He is getting better and better in using his steeled and muskeld thighs for his Scissors, which are very harmful to his enemies. These are countering with speed and some hard punches. David is breaking almost small Joes arm, when it cones to EVERYTHING at the end. But Joe, tough like never before, is not giving up. 70 minutes full of tension and action, till the very end.

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Finish him!

finishhimAlfred is wrestling at Fightplace for many years now. Exactly 5 years and he grew up a lot in that time. He had to take many pain in that time, but he learned many new techniques as well and got very experienced. So now he is no youngster anymore, more an old fighter and an integral part of our team like his opponent Hardy.
Hardy is in our team for many years too, but we still can’t judge him. On one hand he can fight very hard with many tricks and on the other hand the fight can turn erotically.
Both parts of him are available in “Finish him!”. Hardy wanted to beat up his younger opponent, but he acquired Alf. Meanwhile Alfred got very powerful. He became taller and wider. He performed some nice scissors and headlocks.
Hardy is way more clinical, which is a big problem for Alfred. Hardy grabbed no matter where and no matter how. So poor Alf had to handle some hard grabs between his legs. It took just a few minutes until his revenge but Hardy is always one step ahead.
Hardy had way more power and when Alf lay down on the floor he became more and more nasty. Later Alf was unable to counter the hard attacks of Hardy, but it’s no opportunity to abandon.
He always tried to counter to turn the fight. He really wanted to win this fight.

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Pool Adventures 5

(C) fightplace - Pool Adventures 5 - 40Ramon and Joe entered the swimming pool. They just can’t resist
competition, always wanting to know who is the better or the stronger.
So first they saw who was able to make the best dive, and then who could
swim the fastest.
They continued their contests until they got in trouble and began to fight in the water. Ramon was able to dominate the confrontation,
continually hitting Joe in the stomach (gut-punching) and pushing his
head under water, rendering him unable to breath.
Sometimes Joe was able to turn the fight, but today Ramon was the
stronger one. His headlocks and arm locks made him able to push Joe into
the water again and again. Joe tried to counter this with some bear
hugs, but his opponent is a heavyweight.
Joe fought until he was totally done, but even this was not enough for
Ramon. He exploited his advantage to the full, to dominate the fight
without leaving any chance for Joe.

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Total Domination

(C) fightplace - Total Domination - 134David vs Milan – two new fighters at Fightplace. One is slim, wiry and
just 17 years of age. The other one is well trained, 21 and a really
hard fighter.
While they were working in the garden they came closer. Too close.
Immediately the garden shed turned into a battle arena! We haven’t seen
a fight like this for a long time. They fought in the submission style,
in this case both getting hurt at times, but that didn’t stop either of
them. They were used to it. There is no space for cowardice!
To start with, the younger, David, was able to counter the tricks of his
opponent, but the older Milan was soon able to dominate more and more,
which he enjoyed. David wanted him to eat some grass but, Milan got the
better of his younger opponent.
David had just one chance: begging for mercy. Milan pressed his foot
into David’s face, such that he was nearly unable to breath.
Fast scenes with real boxing punches alternate with long holds,
schoolboy pins and some crazy head-scissors.
Both of these boys presented excellent material arts and wrestling!

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Call the Boy

(C) fightplace - Call the Boy - 31Moe has a problem with Giasy. Giasy is in a relationship with his sister and this makes our youngster Moe totally mad. He doesn’t want his sister to be in a relationship with Giasy.
He decided to call him without any hesitate. He wanted him to enter the Fightplace headquarter to talk to him. He should break up the relationship. Moe wanted to end this by any cost even with a fight.
So Giasy went to the Fightplace headquarter, totlally unknowing. Moe grapped him immediately and began to talk. He called Giasy to split up with his sister and to terminate the contact.
But Giasy is did not not agree. He got not scared of Moe. The 16 years old boy gives no shit on Moe’s opinion.
So the discussion between the two opponents turned into a fight. Moe, totally self confident, thought that it will be an easy win for him. But Giasy had way more power then he ever expected and Moe had to notice that in a painful way. Giasy wanted to punish Moe for his pride with and real punches.
The fight took about 45 minutes, full of action and no show. No one of them wanted to give up. Many schoolboypins and some nice scissors. Moe’s did the big mistake to underestimate his opponent and he got the bitter lesson immediately.
Giasy presented a very got debut and showed us his nice skills.
For sure many of our costumers want to see him again!

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Push me to the limit – Bundle

pushmetothelimitparttwo-1To be honest: No one got pushed to his limits at the first part of this wrestling afternoon. It is more a warm-up between our two fighters. Dustin (new at Fightplace) and Marvin know each other because they’re both riding Bmx, they are not in a good relationship. When they met each other in front of the boxing club, they got into trouble. Marvin sported with his body with bench presses in front of a mirror. He represented Dustin as a little worm. For sure, Dustin is smaller then him, but does he really needs to show of that? Now they wanted to fight out, who the stronger one is. They went into the boxing ring to fight it out. It’s admirable that Dustin had no fear. For sure he doesn’t know that many tricks like an experienced fighter, but in his debut he was very tenacious and presented lots of stamina. This is exhausting Marvin. The team thought, that Marvin just made a short work with Dustin. But no chance! Mostly the fight was well balanced and, to be honest, a little bit boring but then Dustin got wild and showed Marvin, that smaller guys could be stronger, too.

In the second part of “Push me to the Limits” you could really believe us. It was on the little Dustin got cocky, when Joe entered the club. And it was Dustin, too, who got pushed to his limits. Two fights in a row are hard to handle for the stamina of a new fighter. Dustin had to feel this on his own now. With surprising facility Dustin had to handle his opponent Joe. Joe seemed to be very narcissistic, presented his muscles to intimidate or to impress Dustin. We don’t know. Very hard wrestling without any show, where both of the fighters reached their limits. Not for tender hearts!

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