The big Fightplace Christmas-Special 2016

Gold_and_Red_Transparent_Christmas_Balls_PNG_ClipartAdvent season has started and Christmas is about to be here quite soon. We would like to use this time to thank you for your trust. The whole team says thank you for meanwhile 12 years of support by our customers.

3 weeks of huge offers, changing every, week will start now. And additionally three offers each day behind the door of our advent calendar.

In week one from today on until 9/12/16 we give away every 10th order for free!
If your order number ends with a 0 we add the order value to your account. You can see your credit in your customer account.
You can use that credit for your next order.

The next campaign will start on 10/12/16. We will reveal details next Saturday.

We wish you a happy Christmas season with a lot of hot wrestling action!

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Submission Mat Brawls 3

submissionmatbrawls3-5Dustin has grown to an attractive teenager, his childish image is gone. And he has established a reputation among the youngsters. It is well known in the team that he has a lot of power and has put quite some opponents in their place.
But his self-confidence and slightly arrogant manner make him not very popular. And so he gets bit by bit tougher challenges. Today it is Jim.
Jim has developed as well. His body seems tougher and more ripped. In Submission Mat Brawls 3 they show off their state. They show who is the better and stronger fighter at the moment.
Since they only fight for the rank within the team they go without erotic playthings. It´s pure submission wrestling and every round counts.
This exciting match takes about one hour and you will see a tough verbal and physical fight. We won´t disclose yet whether Dustin can proceed his winning run.

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Sneaker Battle

sneakerbattlepartone-4Sneaker Battle Part One
Knut is happy about his brand new Adidas Sneakers. He enjoys to unpack them, touch them and smell them. But then Bubu appears and his mood changes. Bubu is a Nike fan. Everything he wears has to be from Nike. He visits the fighplace flatshare to show his brand new sneakers. Of course they are made by Nike. When he enters Knuts room and finds him with his sneakers trouble is sure o follow.
He forces Knut to get excited about his Nike sneakers. He shows Knut every detail and Knut has to sniff, touch, lick and taste them. But it is not easy to convince Knut doing those things and so the room turns into a wrestling arena. The fight should decide about which brand is better.
But Knut can´t take a joke when it´s about sneakers. He plays hard and dominates Knut from the start on.
He takes every chance to grab Knut and bring him to the ground to torture him with his Nikes. And Bubus gets even hotter towards round two when they change into Speedos. One foot on Knut´s chest, his hands at grips he ties on Knut´s Speedos until it rips.
Then he starts to humiliate Knut. He brings him in helpless positions and tortures him with various tricks. Bubu presents himself as the master and shows off his biceps. During schoolboy pin and muscle riding he grabs Knuts ears, slaps his face and dominates him with his feet. The shred slip is stuffed into Knuts mouth and slaps his naked ass with his shoes. But that is still not enough for Bubu. While Knut lies exhausted and exposed on the sofa Bubu dons his sneakers. Now Knut should really get to know them and the session takes its course.

Sneaker Battle Part Two
Small Fly enters the room when Bubu just has finished Knut. Fly also prefers Nike and Bubu sways him to resume his persuading on Knut. Knut is able to throw Fly through the air at first but them Fly is able to bring Knut on the ground and give him some slaps in his face. The first round is a win for Fly but then the tide is turning.
Knut does not want to be the looser again, especially not against the small Fly. The fight is fast, hard and tricky.
Hard gut punching is seen as well as ass slapping, wedgies and ballgraps. What Knut had to suffer under Bubu is now for Fly. Also the sneakers are brought into the game again. Fly is able to set some counter attacks but is too weak on the long run. Knut ties him up like a package and puts him on the sofa.
When Bubu wants to check how Fly is doing on Knut he gets upset seeing him as the looser. He has to be punished for not doing well. And so he attacks Fly and wears him down with brutal head and bodyscissors. Fly has nothing to set against Bubu´s power and so he has to accept his looser position.
Knut has showered already when he meets Bubu again. The battle starts right away again. Bubu seems to be even hotter than before and shreds Kuts trousers again. You will see hot moves and action again. In the end Bubu enjoys his win standing in a victory pose above the naked Knut.

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Mister Mysterious

mistermisterious-2Jermaine is quite surprised when he finds a masked person sitting in his apartment awaiting him. The guys just wants one single thing – a fight with Jermaine. And that´s what he should get. Of course Jermaine wants to know who hides under that mask. But his opponent won´t disclose his secret yet. Is it a fighter from the team? A newbie? A friend of Jermaine or even an enemy? Jermaine gets himself into the fun. They start measuring their power by arm wrestling. Jermaine realizes that the other guy is not week. He wins the arm wrestling competition but then the stranger puts him through the mill. He seems to have some experience for sure. Is he just talented or did he have some fights before? Since Jermaine has to feel that he knows about scissors, headlocks and schoolboypins. At second half Jermaine is able to turn the tables. He uses his legs for targeted body- and headscissors. Mr. Mysterious has nothing to set against those attacks. When Jermaine understands that, he nearly only uses those tricks to torture his opponent until he finally submits. Will Mr. Mysterious remove his mask finally or will Jermaine reveal the secret of the stranger?

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Ill pwn you!

illpwnyou-1It is time for revenge! Kalli can´t forget his defeat against Joe. Especially since his girlfriend left him in between because of Joe. In Pool Adventure 6 she was the reason for a serious hassle between the guys. At that time it had no good ending for Kalli. Can he force a victory over bigmouthed Joe this time? Maybe he can get his girlfriend back through that success. Or can Joe put Kalli in his place once for all so that he will never challenge him again? There will be a decision. Joe is well known for his self-confidence and his narcissism and has gained more power and tricks. Kalli is a bit smaller and has less experience. But his anger and hate against Joe can move mountains. Already when he enters the room you can feel his fury. Following this he attacks Joe hard from the beginning. But Joe reacts fast and realizes which way it takes today. He grabs Kalli and throws him against the wall. That hard you can see a hole where Kalli hit the wall. They never let the opponent out of their eyes. There is not a single second for mercy in this fight!

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Real Hard Scissors 9

realhardscissors9-1Old school fighter Basti meets youngster Jermaine. And we all know scissors and schoolboypins are Basti´s favorites. We chose the title for this film since Basti dominates the wiry Jermaine nearly without exception through scissors.
And he treats Jermaine not sissified. He keeps him in suspense in many different positions and squeezes nearly the air out of him with his steeled skater thighs.
And Basti loves the schoolboypin. Jeramine has to feel his dominance when Basti grabs his hair and brings his face to his cock while grabbing between his legs with the other hand. A real ordeal for Jermaine who is not able to fight back.
But he fights hard and tries to set some counterattacks. He has some success and can give at least a bit payback to Basti. Especially the last 15 minutes are extremely hot between those to tough fighters.

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B2D – Born to dominate

b2dborntodominate-4It starts as a funny game but ends in a tough contend for power and victory.
Bruno who has shown some good fights during the last time wants to compete against Joe. They meet at the river.
The guys know each other from their BMX battles. Now they want to know who is the better one on the mat.
Bruno is two years younger than Joe what you see at his fighting experience and callousness. Bruno is good for sure, but Joe is better, especially cheekier and more impudent. When he sees that he gets upper hand he shows his sadistic vein. He puts Bruno through the mill especially with leg scissors.
Than he holds him and annoys him with nipple twisters or similar cruelties. That would be ok Bruno but Joe goes some steps further. We don´t want to reveal every detail but Joe has fun dominating other guys. And in this fight he shows it without restraint in. Bruno tries to fight back as hard as he can but has only few successes against the stronger Joe. But he fights bravely, doesn´t give up and resists the torture for 60 minutes.

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Pervert Punishment 2

pervertpunishment2-1Again it´s Knut. This time he gets into trouble with Hardy. Hardy, a similar caliber as Moe, had his fun with Knut before. In “He is a bitch 2” and “Master and Slave” we saw what Hardy does to make his opponents submissive. This hot afternoon it won´t be that easy. Since Knut wants to get rid of his looser image his rivals had to expect much more fightback. And so in that fight as well.
Knut trains in front of the garages as Hardy comes by. They check the scope of their biceps and thighs. Knut has more and is proud of that result. Hardy has humiliated him some times in the past but today he has no fear anymore. That bothers Hardy since he likes to be the one in charge and demands respect. Their last fight was some time ago and so they want to check and see who is the stronger one now.
From the beginning on Hardy shows in which direction it will go. He puts Knut into a headscissor, grabs his balls and shows him the way. He uses things lying around to punish Knut. An old antenna for example is used as a whip or and mallet as a striking tool. You will not only see brutal punishments but also great wrestling action. Hardy knows a lot of tricks and moves and has a lot of power. Especially in his legs. And since Knut accepts not everything anymore you see a lot of exciting scenes with mean tricks. They tie on their hair as well as on their trousers, even on their balls. Hardy squeezes Knut with his feet. Than closes his mouth and nose with his hands so that Knut has to surrender.
Especially in the second part Hardy presents himself steel hard and uses Knut as his toy boy. Knut counters with ballgraps and shreds Hardy´s trousers. But he cannot really fight back. He has to suffer the torture which is more an abuse. When Hardy realizes he has upper hand Knut is forced to do sit-ups and pushups. If he does a mistake he gets strokes with a ruler. At one point Knut can fight back for some time and shred Hardy`s shorts. But you don´t have to wait long for Hardy´s revenge. He strips Knut completely and lets him do the exercises naked. Knut has only one option: run.

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Mud Wrestling

mudwrestling-1I could have been a nice and easy day at the lake for Ramon and Jermaine. But there is David who is making trouble because he wants to defend his territory. Actually that shouldn´t be a real problem for Jermaine and Ramon since it it´s a two-on-one.
But things are developing in another way they thought. The three guys have a real mud fight and David take´s it up with both of them. He has a great repertoire of tricks, is fast and strong. And so he gains the upper hand. Ramon and Jermaine are not fighting bad and are quite strong. But David has the fighter gene you need to succeed. He has the punch, power and aggressiveness to get the key advantage. In Mud Wrestling you will see fascinating scenes of tough fighters not shrinking from anything.

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Pervert Punishment

pervertpunishment-5Moe needs money. He just has 100 EUR left but needs more for his bills. He thinks about gambling but then gets an idea: he wants to double his money through a fight. So he waits in front of his flat until someone of the fightplace team comes by. He wants to offer a fight for 100 EUR – the winner gets all.
Knut comes along the street. Moe heads him off and makes his suggestion. Since Knut always needs money as well and not seeing Moe as a big danger he shakes on the deal. After all Moe is smaller, lighter and has less muscles than him. Moe has prepared his flat for the fight already so they start right away.
After some minutes you see that it´s not really about the money. Moe wants his fun and relieve all his aggressions on Knut. So he attacks brutal and hard. It starts with schoolboy pins, muscle riding and slaps in the face. But develops into a punishment match with some erotic parts.
Knut can counterattack from time to time and get Moe underneath him but he didn´t expect that much energy and fury by Moe. They do not only use the usual wedgies and ballgraps. They pinch and bite, grab and squeeze on their balls and cocks. Moe really wants to punish and humiliate the opponent. He slaps him with his best part in the face and trashes his ass. As we know Knut likes such a perverse treatment but sometimes it´s too much. Than he collects all his power and fights back. And he can deal blows as well. But Moe just gets wilder by his actions. At the end it looks bad for Knut. Moe gives everything, attacks him with his feet, uses extreme scissors and plays his slightly pervert games with him.

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