16. February 2018 0

Bob persuades Moe to kidnap and tie up his enemy Joe. He wants to punish him for his big mouth. Allegedly he spreads around that […]

Real Hard Scissors 11

11. February 2018 0

Scissors are Momo´s speciality. Once trapped in his strong thighs, there is no escape. And that is what happens to Jermaine who is too bigmouthed […]

Pain and Punishment

27. January 2018 0

Joe and Moe are chilling in the club room. They smoke, drink and listen to cool music. After a short time Jayson and Francky appear. […]

Scissors + Pins 2

19. January 2018 0

They are the tallest and probably strongest youngsters under 18 here at Fightplace. Fabio and Dustin. If those two alphas face-off it comes to a […]

Master of Disaster 3

13. January 2018 0

Already at the very beginning of this year three Fightplace fighter wage a tough ring battle. Actually Moe just wanted to train his friend Edward. […]

Wild Christmas 2017

30. December 2017 0

Pure escalation at this years Christmas party at Fightplace. A Christmas party can be so peaceful, coming together under the Christmas tree. But not for […]

Christmas discount week

24. December 2017 0

From today, Monday December 25th , on until December 31st we start round 2 of this year´s Christmas promotion. Discounts up to 30%! Already from […]

The Carnies

22. December 2017 0

Dustin is a thief on the ground of a carny. But he is not unwatched. When he tries to get the register of a ride […]

No Picture

Christmas is almost here

18. December 2017 0

We would like to use this time to thank you for your trust. The whole Fightplace team says THANK YOU to our loyal customers for […]

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Fightplace-Membership 2018

18. December 2017 0

Together with you we start the 14th year of Fightplace. And it will get excited since we have new studio rooms and some new fighters. […]