Tit for tat

15. September 2017 0

Joe brings his friend Franky to the fightplace studio to teach him some tricks and show him how to fight. Here they meet Moe who […]

Underwear Attack

2. September 2017 0

It was time for a revenge. In “Farmworker 2” Knut shredded Joes slip at the end of the fight. That was a big humiliation for […]

Tag Team Battle 14

25. August 2017 0

An evening in the garden, beer BBQ and fun. But after too much beer the mood gets worse. Simon shows the others how good he […]

Rough Revenge

4. August 2017 0

It´s been a while since Moe met Fabio in his flat and frazzled him out. This time they meet for sunbathing. Fabio sits in his […]


7. July 2017 0

Bob has nerve. In „Heavyweight Heroes“ he was successfully fighting together with Wladi against Toni and Patti. They scored the victory. When the opponents had […]

Cutie and the beast

30. June 2017 0

It seems as if it is not enough anymore for Hardy have his fun with Knut. He meets Joe in front of the fight club […]

Show me your strength

24. June 2017 0

When Bubu had finished Jermaine in Chaoe Driver the next fighters were already waiting at the ring. Moe brought Ali to show him some tricks, […]

No Picture

Chaos Driver

9. June 2017 0

Bubu is on the road with the delivery truck and Jermaine is awaiting his return since he is already away for quite some time. When […]

No Picture

Check the new one 4

2. June 2017 0

Newbie Mike (15) wants to join the team and get some wrestling experience. But before he gets started Marius want to test the rookie. Marius […]