Joe’s Examination

joesexaminationBarney, who went out for a long time, returned a few days ago and he was waiting for Joe in front of our living community. He wants to check out on his own, if the youngsters are good fighters.

When you arrived they didn’t lost any words and directly went into the fightroom. Immediately both of them undressed undressed their clothes until they were just wearing their speedos. Then Barney warmed up a little by doing some chins.

Then they started to fight. Joe had to feel on a painful way, that Barney is a really experienced fighter. He were always able to perform some grabs, which seemed to be hopeless. He had no chance to get free. And Barney enjoyed this. Looks like he is really amused to torture the poor Joe and to show him his borders.

In this match our two fighters are performing many Scissors und some painful Nipple-Twister. Both of them are really dedicated, but Joe wants to turn the fight. Just to prove that the youngsters are good fighters, too.

So he was able to perform some really hard grabs, which were way harder to absorb for Barney than ever expected. A big mistake to underestimate Joe.

All in all it’s a really exciting fight, full of longs holds, but we do not tell you the winner of this hard match.

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Aggressive Afternoon

aggressiveafternoonThe first fight of the year 2015 happens between Ramon and Devin.
There is a little touch of New Year’s Eve, because Ramon and Devin still had some firecrackers while they were walking around.
We all know the young boys, who are doing so much nonsense if they are bored.
They are throwing the firecrackers at each other but the joking of the beginning turned into a decision of power and strength. A little fight came up in a backyard. Ramon always had his friend Devin in a Headlock.

They decided to turn the fight into the Fightroom because of the bad weather conditions.
They started up with checking the size of the opponent’s biceps and did a little workout competition. Who is able to do more chins and Sit-ups?
After they decided this, they turned directly into the fight and attacked each other. Ramon showed us in previous fights that he knows how to fight,but Devin is able to keep up with Ramon. We were very surprised that he got grab Ramon several times.
The fight got more and more harder, but both fighters are really tenacious and don’t want to give up any round.
Does the end of the fight ends in a surprise?
Just watch “Aggressive Afternoon”!

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Join us!

We are active in the sports film production. We cast and teach athletes in many sectors of the media world.

Due to the ever growing demand for films from the fields of wrestling / wrestling, we will expand this area and are looking for performers. Can you for these sports thrill and fear a not thyself before a camera, then please let us know.

What you can expect:

  • a young team that works in a nice family atmosphere
  • during the shooting of the fun factor never comes up short
    Rotation dates flexible hours, including weekends and evenings
  • Activities with the team outside of the shoot.

Your salary and you get immediate after each fight / rotary cash on hand. This salaries are up to 300 € possible.

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Memberships available

We wish all of our costumers a happy, healthy and successful new year!

The whole team wants to thank you a lot for your trust in 2014. We will give everything in the year 2015 to delight you with our movies to extinguish and to forget the stressful everyday life.

Starting today we will offer our desired Memberships. GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. Our Memberships are limited to 10 ones of GOLD, 10 ones of SILVER and 20 ones of BRONZE!!!
Wee warrant to you, that we upload not less than three movies per month (empirical we upload four movies).
The Memberships include only the download version of a movie.

GOLD is our Fightplace-Exclusive-Membership. This means that every new release of 2015 is automatically activated on your account, including our XXX-PRODUKTIONS (providing that, we received your proof of age. Additional you receive the access to the exclusive photo spread. You will save about 330€ contrary to buy every single movie.

SILVER stands for six months of the Fightplace-Exclusive-Membership (up to and including June 2015). This means that every new release in this period is automatically activated on your account, including our XXX-PRODUKTIONS (providing that, we received your proof of age. Additional you receive the access to the exclusive photo spread.
You will save about 140€ contrary to buying every single movie.

BRONZE stands for three month of the Fightplace-Exclusive-Membership (up to and including March 2015). This means that every new release in this period is automatically activated on your account, including our XXX-PRODUKTIONS (providing that, we received your proof of age. Additional you receive the access to the exclusive photo spread.
You will save about 70€ contrary to buying every single movie.

Price list:

Fightplace-Exclusive-Membership GOLD: EUR 749,00
Fightplace-Exclusive-Membership SILVER: EUR 449,00
Fightplace-Exclusive-Membership BRONZE: EUR 249,00

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The Christmas Tree


Knut, Alfred and Pierre want to decorate the Christmas-tree of the Fightplace living community. At the beginning they complet this job really good, but as they began to place the lighting they got in trouble, because no one wanted to take this tricky job. Instead of that they prefer to smoke a cigarette and shout out some stupid things. For sure they continued this stupid stuff until Alfred got mad and challenged Knut for a fight.

At beginning they were just kidding euch other but from minute to minute both of them evolved a growing ambition to win the fight. The painful Scissors of Alf wear Knut out, but Knut is very tenacious. At least Alf was able to win the first round. You can notice then he still gets more power and tricks.

Pierre just watched this round, but now he wants to fight Alf, too. With this opponent Alf needs to try harder then before. Pierre is muscular and we’ll trained, but he is not that experienced. This is just his third fight at Fightplace. He really need to take care for Alf’s legs, because he learned how to use them. If you’re caught up in his Scissor it would be hard to free yourself. Pierre enjoys to perform SchoolBoyPins combined with riding the muscles of his victim. If there is any chance to sit on his breast or stomach he uses this opportunity to crush Alf’s biceps with his knees. At least the fight got balanced but really hard. But the following consequence is that there could be only one winner.

Alfred or Pierre?

In the second part Pierre wanted to fight against Knut. Introduced by a short boxing session, they changed into a hard wrestling match, which was not that easy, but it got a special erotica touch (all our Fightplace Fans know Knut). Knut is not shamed to use any nasty trick to free out of Pierre’s graps or to torture his opponent. Wedgies that nearly rip his shorts, Ballgrabs, Nipple-Twister, Gut-Punching and different attacks with his feet.

This is a totally new area for Pierre but he learned fast! So he revenged for the nasty tricks of Knut. It’s really funny to watch the two boys because it never got boring.

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Fightplace Christmas-Special 2014…last round

Gold_and_Red_Transparent_Christmas_Balls_PNG_ClipartStarting today, Saturday 20th December 2014 to Friday 26th December 2014, we herald the start of our third and last Christmas special.
We share coupons, which are valid until one year. So just collect them to pay the new releases in the next time. Starting with an order value of 50€ you will get a coupon worth of 10€. An order value of 100€ or more worth a 20€ coupon and a order value of 200€ or more will worth a 50€ coupon. If you are part of our heavy buyers and your order value exceeds 500€ you will get a coupon worth 150€.
So start to browse our shop to save your money in the future!
The whole Team Fightplace wishes you a nice and relaxing fourth Advent.

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Fightplace Christmas-Special 2014…round two

Gold_and_Red_Transparent_Christmas_Balls_PNG_ClipartOur Christmas-Special entered the second round!
Starting today, 13th, December 2014 until next Friday, 19th, December 2014 you will get our famous (nearly legendary) “Buy 2 get 3″ action.

If you buy two or three downloads or DVDs, you are allowed to wish one more articel which is our present for you.
If you buy four movies you can take two more for free.

When you buy five DVDs or downloads you can add three free movies to your wishlist, which are our present just for you. You need to write down your wished articels into to field “remarks”, but just into that field! If you will write in down in any other way, we can’t your wished articels.

We wish you lots of fun while browsing and bargain hunting!

Your Fightplace-Team!

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Wild Wild Christmas 2014

wildwildchristmas2014This year we got the first christmas celebration of our Fightplace-Youngsters, which we celebrated  wild.
But party games, cookies and some quiet hours are not in the mood of this young fighters. Moe, Joe, Devin and Ramon want to riot. So it was time for our Fightplace-Basement.
All of them weared some red trousers and beanies, when they began their little tournament. It’s dog eats dog, the loser would knock out.
The result was a very Fighplace-Event with crazy actions of Moe, who directed this fights with his big mouth.
The other fighters performed nice fights, too. Ramon and Devin had a really hard fight without any reticence.
So you will get more then one hour full of entertaining action!

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The big Fightplace Christmas-Special 2014

Gold_and_Red_Transparent_Christmas_Balls_PNG_ClipartIn this year we would like to thank you in a very special way for all your trust, your numerous suggestions and your great support!
The whole Fightplace Team says “Thank you!” for 10 years of support of our customers.
Because of our 10-years anniversary we created a another awesome christmas special.
Three weeks full of crazy offers and for sure three offers per day behind the little Advent door.

In the first week, so from today until 12/12/14, we’re giving every 10th order!
Ends your order number with a 0, you get the value of this order in the form of a voucher credited.

The next sale will begin at the 13th of December. We tell you at the next Saturday what this offer includes.
We wish you a great Christmastide full of nice ours with hot Wrestling-Action!

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We play hard!

weplayhard At the beginning it was just a game, but then Bubu showed to our new cute fighter Pierre how to rule that business. So the easy game became a hard fight, which was not that easy to handle for Pierre. Surprisingly Pierre was able to pit hisself against Bubu, even if knows way more tricks and grabs then him. Feat or reticence? None! Pierre keeps attacking Bubu all the time and tries to throw him on the ground. In this match, his second one at Fightplace, he fought way more aggresive and more effective then before. But Bubu was able to gain the mastery, because he could use his years of experience. He enjoys to present all his tricks, agility and his power to the newbie. With this whole bundle he could dominate his opponent.

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