Winner takes all

winnertakesall-1 winnertakesall-2 winnertakesallBarney animated the two fighters with some bugs for a match. Winner takes all. The new series of fightplace: The winner will get all of the money and the loser’s getting nothing.
The match started like a common one. The fighters don’t know each other so they are a little bit hesitate. But then Barney evocatived them for the money, which they can win and suddenly they started the real rumble.
The really cute Pierre (18) started his Fightplace-Debut with fighting one of our most eccentrical fighters. But Hardy has no easy job of it. The well trained Pierre already knew some tricks and has lots of stamina. So the fight became a hard battle.
They are performing a lot of SchoolBoyPins, Scissors and Headlocks. Pierre prefers the torture the biceps of Hardy, while he did SchoolBoyPins. Hardy returned with soft boxing punches and Nippletwists. But we do not reveal if the cute Pierre is able the beat up Hardy. But the end proceeded contrary to all expectations.

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New fighters on Fightplace

In the last month, Team Fightplace got many new fighters.

We proudly present some of our new fighters:


Bobby 16 – 171 cm – 55 kg


Fabrizio 19 – 183 cm – 75 kg


Tomek 18 – 182 cm – 73 kg


Carlos 18 – 182 cm – 70 kg


Joe 16 – 170 cm – 60 kg


Ramon 15 – 170 cm – 70 kg


Moe 16 – 172 cm – 58 kg


Pierre 18 – 178 cm – 67 kg

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Eddies Fight Night

eddiesfightnightToday is Eddie’s night, because he had to fight against three opponents of Fightplace. Alfred started this row. Alfred, who was annoyed because of his defeat against Bob (Ramon’s room part 1) opened the door and suspected what will follow. Eddie wanted the money what he borrowed to him a bunch of time ago. But instead of paying the money back, he started to fight him. Immediately they started the high level fighting. Looks like Eddie got more tattoos and did something for his fitness. Powerful and with a lot of tricks he started to fight Alf and was able to grab him. Now Eddie didn’t let him go and Alf had no chance to come free. Eddie performed some painful Body- and Headscissors as well as some Wedgies and Strangleholds. Alf was really angry but Eddie enjoyed to be so dominant. He always pressed his poor opponent’s head down the mattress. When Eddie finished Alf, Bob entered the room. Alf left the room totally annoyed and Eddie and Bob were alone. Now the big boys fought against each other. Both of them won the previous fight against Alf, but what would be the decision between the big ones? The beginning seemed to be good for Eddie. Same tricks: he performed a Headscissor combined with a Headlock. Then the turn on the stomach and he pressed Bob’s head down the ground. Bob had to suffer. But Bob is way more powerful then Alf and knew how to handle Eddie. But then came the revenge! The fight got faster and way more aggressive. When the time took more time, the holds got longer and they used more and more mad tricks. If they had no opportunity they beat each other and even bit or pinched. But then Toni entered the room. They decided to fight him together. Tony’s appearance was self confident. He trained hard in the previous weeks and seems to be more and more powerful and fit. He accepted the call out of them and stood muscular directly in front of them. But did he bite off more than he can chew? For sure, the following 2 vs 1 match became really hard. Tony had to use all of his power even if Bob and Eddie gave him a going-over. Sometimes a real torture for the slim man Tony, but because of his power and his endurance he is always able to get free and pit himself against them. That’s why he’s called Psycho-Toni. Tony is the type of human, who’s never giving up.

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Young athletes 1 & 2


youngathletes2Joe and Devin met this afternoon at the attic of Fightplace after school. Actually they just wanted to practise some tricks and do a bunch of training. They worked out a little at the roof beam and we notice that Joe is able to do more tricks. Devin got mad and wanted to beat up Joe. Devin, just 15 years of age, wanted to battle Joe, 16 years of age.
We would never expect the following part of this team. A crazy fight, which took more then 90 minutes, without any breaks. Today the two Bmx riding boys forgot the skatepark and changed it to the mats. Because of the big bunch of time we splitter the movie. The first fight is a pure Jeans-Fight. They fought for about 30 minutes in blue jeans until the sweat let the trousers glue on their skin.
They continued in Slip/Speedo in the second part.
All in all it was a well balanced match, which took all of the power of the two young talents.
We were really surprised about the big power of Devin. This is why you has to strain more. He don’t want to lose a fight against his younger friend. It would be a big success for Devin, who has his Fightplace premiere today. For sure he will get lots of Fans and lots of challengers, too.

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Ramon´s Room 1 & 2

In Ramon´s Room 1
ramonsroom1Alfred stood in front of the door, while Bob arrived. Bob, who is well known for that, joked a little about Alf, but he misunderstood that. But Alf had a bad day, so he started to beef with Bob.
The only room which is suitable for a fight is Ramon’s one. Ramon is not that happy about his guests, because he was playing with his toy cars. Then Alf, his brother, asked him for using his room for a fight and Ramon agreed.
Then he watched them fighting in his mattress and took some pictures with his camera. The the men are fighting for the first time. At the beginning they checked each other but then it got more and more forceful. Bob, who was just wearing shorts, always used the opportunity to give Alf, who was just wearing a slip, some hard wedgies. Moreover the Bmx rider performed some hard Headscissors with his strong upper legs, which bothered Alf a lot. Sometimes he was able to revenge but all in all he was not able to beat the Bob. These long holds between his legs are just too energy-sapping.

In Ramon´s Room 2
ramonsroom2After Ramon had to watch the defeat of his brother, he wanted to tell him something. Alf listened to his brother carefully and had to learn, that his little brother got in trouble with a taller man. He didn’t know he exactly that was. Alf tried to calm him down and left the room to take a shower.
While that happened Tony sidled into the house. He was the troublemaker in the city. Now he stood directly in front of him and Ramon has to solve this confrontation.
The difference between them can’t be bigger: little vs tall, young vs old, calm vs daredevil.
Usually you can be sure who the winner is. But you should not be so sure. It was one of the hardest fights of the last days. Psycho Toni has to use all of his power to keep up with the 15 years old boy. Later they had to undress their long trousers because of the heat and the sweat. A really hard wrestling, round per round. Surrender? Never!

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Privat Punishment 2

privatpunishment2Dago and Marius are on a really hard Submission Match.
Dago, who just had his second fight at Fightplace, wanted to fight Marius, because both of them knew each other but not in a good way. So we were sure to get a really exciting match, which would be really hard, but no one ever expected that we get a Punishment-Fight.
Our two fighters entered the fightroom at started to warm up. When they undressed their clothes, they oiled themselves to prevent injuries or abrasions.
The fight began. Dago tried to grab Marius’ legs to throw him on the ground but Marius was very steady on his legs and presented what he learned at Fightplace. After about five minutes of dogged wrestling Marius performed the first SchoolBoyPin. He used this position for some Bitchslaps and riding on his opponents muscles. The well tanned Marius poses a lot while he shows his advantage.
After this round it got way harder. Dago tried to grab Marius again and again but Marius is stronger than him. You are able to notice that Marius enjoyed that situation. Boxing, wedgies and Ballgrabs are the tools of intimidation. The poor Dago had to suffer a lot of Scissors, combined with Headlocks. No way to unshackle. Dago was really impressed by Marius’ power and agility. Because of this, he got more more careful. He seemed to be scared of his well trained opponent. Marius had a lot of fun and wanted to hear Dago whine.
Dago can’t speak German, so the biggest part of the conversation is English. Marius called him a “Pussy” and punished him combative and verbal.
The fight took about 45 minutes. Dago was totally out of power and had no chance to turn the fight. He had to give up because of some injuries he was experienced in pain. He didn’t expected that Marius is so powerful because he seemed to be just a weak boy when he is wearing his clothes. But when he undresses you notice that he trained a lot and that he has way more power then any slim boy.

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Nasty Boys

nastyboys-1Alfred and Fabrizio are hanging out at the railway station. Because of their financial problems Alfred got the bad idea to mug the next person who passes their way.
Moe was the person. He was walking at the platform when it happened. The two tall boys grabbed him and searched for
valuables. Moe tries to fight them back, but had no chance, because the two criminal young men were way more powerful then him.
Fortunately his friend Boyka passed the railway station and noticed this incident. Immediately he defended his little friend. Alfred and Fabrizio had much respect on Boyka, so they broke up their mugging.
But this was not the end of the dispute.
Alfred invited all of them to enter Fightplace, to continue the confrontation.
Later the two teams met at the attic.

Alfred, who got way more self confident, began this little tournament with Moe. Moe used all of his anger to fight against his thief. Without any inhibitions he started. Alfred’s last fight against the new ones seemed to be easier then this one. Moe performed his “signature” move. SchoolBoyPin combined with a ride his opponent’s muscles. But Alfred fought back with Legscissors. Because of Moe’s weight, just 60kg, Al was able to throw him around like a toy.
But Moe didn’t stopped. Like an angry tierrer he fought against his opponent, pushed him and used some Headlocks.

Then Moe and Boyka exchanged. This was the end of Alfred. Up first Al ripped off Boyka’s shirt, which was not the best idea. Like mad bull he grabbed Alfred and used all of his power and weight to beat him up. Alfred had no chance. Boyka enjoyed to torture his enemy and irritated him with different erotically grabs. His tactic worked in a perfect way. Just 4 minutes later Alfred have up.

Now it was Fabrizio’s turn. The new one weights about 80kg, like Boyka. But this is his first fight, so he has not that much tricks in his assortment. Against all expectations, he was able to control Boyka. For about seven minutes they performed a well-balanced and exhausting match. When Moe and Boyka exchanged, Fabrizio was low on power. This was the chance for Moe to dominate him. Sometimes he was able to do this, but in case of his low weight, it’s hard to fight in this league. But there is way more power in this little boy then everyone of us ever expected.
Unfortunately the strong arms of Fabrizio pushed the poor Moe down.

But then Fabrizio and Alfred exchanged. And you can really his happiness, when he could dominate the younger Moe. He sat on him in a Schoolboypin and changed into a Bullypin. Something what seems to be impossible when a fights against a big dog. But now he took his chance. Alfred held him in a Headscissor while he gave Moe a hard Wedgie. And then Moe took action and there was a hard rip test for the shorts of the young talents. The fight of them took about ten minutes, but then Boyka continued in his brutal way.
Boyka gagged Alfred with a leather whip. While he performed a Bullypin he took Alfred’s head and pulled it to him. In case of this Alfred was unable to breath. But this was not the whole torture. Just after a quick exchange with Fabrizio, Alfred could have a little break.
Boyka, still armed with his whip, continued his evil game.
He is a way stronger opponent, but you can control him with Bitchslaps, Nippeltwists and Ballgrabs. A really hard and exhausting fist fight for the young talent, who has just 20 years of age.
The boys changed a few times until we reached the climax.
But we would not tell you everything. Only the following:
Boyka increased in that hard match, full of torture. Alfred became his dog und got fettered on a wooden beam. Fabrizio is totally out of power and was not able to support his friend. So both of them had to give up. This time they had to confess that Bombay is way to strong for out young fighters.

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Basement Brawls 4

basementbrawls4Just a little bunch of time earlier, Alfred was a youngster of Fightplace, too. But now he met the next generation fighters, who are training and fighting at the Fightplace house.
This evening he met Joe and Bobby in the hallway. Joe presented the new fighter Bobby, who is the younger brother of Bob, to the Fightplace Team. Alfred just came around to ask for a fight, but when he met the youngsters, he licked blood.
Shortly after that confrontation, they went down to the basement. Alfred started to undress his clothes, to get more moving space. Typical for a good fighter. Joe undressed himself, too. Just a few seconds later, Alfred grabbed Joe, who seems to be stronger. Usually Alfred is more shy in his fights, but today he showed us his brutal side. Joe had to absorb many Scissors, Headlocks and Throws of Alfred, who presented years of experience in this fight. Even if Joe tries to strike back in many different ways he seems like the loser of this fight. Later Joe was out of power, so he had to exchange with Bobby, but Bobby had no chance. You’re able to notice, that Alfred enjoys his advantage. Bobby has to learn way more about that business. Totally silent he had to accept the attacks of Alfred.
When Alfred dispatched both of this Newbies, he left the room.
Now there is a fight under the Youngsters. Joe wanted to find out who the stronger fighter is. But we can just see the opposite of a powerful fight. They’re just rolling on the floor, combined with long holds. They’re just out of power because of the previous rounds.
In our opinion, there are good chances for Bobby, but right now he is just to shy. But we all know, that it takes a bunch of time to go the skills to fight on the Fightplace matts. Joe got way better. Sometimes he was able to give himself as good as Alfred is. If he continues his training he will be a strong fighter.
We were really surprised because of Alfred, because we met his other side. A powerful and self-confident fighter.

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Rumble in the Attic 5

rumbleintheattic5After a long time, there are two known fighters on the matts. Eddie and Bob entered the attic. They met each other outside to take some pictures, but then Moe arrived to make some trouble. He entered the attic, too.
In this fight we can see old vs. new. Eddie and Bob exchanged and Moe fought alone. The two old hands wanted to show the newbie how to fight. Bob and Moe started to fight, but Eddie still took some pictures to continue the shooting of them. Bob seems to be really dominant and Moe had no chance. Then Bob and Eddie exchanged, to check out, if Moe has any chance against the tall boy. But you can get the impression, that Moe is not able to counter anything of his opponents.
Some exchanges later, Moe got a support of Bob. Eddie was not that happy about that and got totally mad. So he attacked Bob immediately. Now there was no structure in the fight. It’s dog eat dog.
The three fighters attacked their opponents with Scissors, Ballgrabs, SchoolBoyPins and way more hard moves. Suddenly they found a whip and a rope. The pure torture got started. Two on one they fettered and whipped each other.
At the end the old structure was restored. They fettered Moe and showed him their dominance.
A crazy fight where everyone had to receive a lot.

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Schoolboypins 15 – Decision in the mud

schoolboypins15Joe went to an secluded forest cabin to calm down and think a little.
Meanwhile some of his friends know this location. So Moe came around.
But instead of being a good friend and supporting him, he is laughing about his new hairstyle and Joe is not that happy about that useless conservation.
Last but not least he accepted a fight with the feisty Moe. They jogged at each other and started to wallow in the mud. There are many SchoolBoyPins used, but in case of the wet lawn and the mud they were not able to grab each other.
To humiliate Joe, Moe started to grease the mud onto the whole body and into the face of his opponent. But Joe knows how to handle this and took vengeance fot this actions.
After 45 minutes of fighting you were not able to recognize the two fighters, who are equipollent. Totally dirty because of the mud, injured knees and oppressed bodies.
But they still keep on fighting without any inhibitions.
They just stopped fighting when Bob suddenly arrived. He drove them back home with his car and let them take a shower.

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