Pool Adventures 6

pooladventures6-1Joe and Kalli walk through the forest heading for a lake to refresh. Actually they were good friends. But when Kalli is told that Joe had a date with his girlfriend firenship is gone. Kalli, who is new at fightplace, wants to clarify that topic immediately from man to man. Both get upset and the result is a fight. They start a bit offside the lake. Kalli has not that much muscles as Joe but is a lots of faster and more agile. Joe, bigmouthed as always, hides that he has a lot of problems to beat his opponent. It gets really hot when Joes shows off which slip he was wearing while dating Kalli´s girlfriend. He comes up with a superhot tanga which he wears until the end of this fight. And Joe now gives everything to put Kalli through the mill.

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Forest Fights 4

forestfigths4-3Jermaine traps David at a small bridge in the forest. And from the beginning both luscious guys get into it hard.
Jermain who won his last fights at fightplace is very courageous even cocky. Hi doesn´t know David yet and brags to show off.
David well known for his coolness starts very calm and confident. Actually he is a boxer not a wrestler but embarks on that challenge. And he shows Jermaine very clearly that he is the boss – even on the mat.
Jermaine usually very confident and sometimes even successful is outgunned in that fight. His wedgies and ballgraps are not helping. David stands them and fights back even harder. He punishes Jermaine hard for his big mouthed appearance. Next time Jermaine will surely think twice who he will challenge for his next fight. Because after 50 minutes he leaves the mat maltreated and exhausted as the loser.

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Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 10

sunnyafternoonwrestling10-1After blade was finished by Jermaine he lies on the ground totally exhausted. Joes sees his chance to win that match and challenges Blade for a battle. First he is not very upset about that idea but after Joe attacks him with his feet he strikes back. He sees a chance as well to win against the smaller and younger Joe.
In the first round he is able to bring Joe to the ground, hold him in a schoolboy pin and slap his face. But the tide is turning quickly. Joe is able to get on top of Blade in a schoolboypin as well. He slaps him and twist his nipples. Than he changes into bullypin. From now on Blade is on the losing end. Joe uses all his power to show the bigger who is the boss now. He shows off his muscles while using scissors, armlocks and bullypins on Blade who is only able to strike back in single actions. But he has not enough power anymore to set his holds long enough. Joe is the clear winner who humiliates the struggling Blade underneath him at the end of this match.

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Fightplace 2016 / Memberships available again

The first half of 2016 is almost around now and due to some requests, we have decided to offer our customers for the second half of 2016 Memberships category Silver (6 months) and bronze (3 months).
Valid from 01 July 2016 respectively for 6 and 3 months.
Just like at the beginning of these memberships are very limited. A must have for any regular customers, because you benefit from hefty discounts as well as exclusive photo series. Starting today!

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Tag Team Battle 12

tagteambattle12-3The teams meet, as Moe (17) & Devin (15) want to miss their bodysuits little tan. When sunbathing they are discovered by David (17) and Jim (15). David recognizes Moe from afar and remembers a fight with him. David is on another fight with him and provoked him by pouring Moe a bottle of water over the body. Jim has additionally ne big mouth, because he feels safe at David’s page. He goes to a deal with to make a tag team fighting Moe and Devin.
In the following 45 minutes then it goes on the mats in the garage yard to the point. David, who presents himself as extremely unforgiving and good fighter, is not squeamish with its counterparties to. Devin he kugelt from almost the arm and Moe has his problems with him.
Jim was also extremely confident of victory, has trained diligently in the past, what you look at him. For a time, it is a draw between the teams. Then decide who the most staying power, the greater Power has in the enormous heat and the exertion.

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Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 9

sunnyafternoonwrestling9-6Blade has been a while secretly at Joe Battle vs. Jermaine watched. When Jermaine has then settled with Joe he interferes and calls Jermaine to a duel.
This fight promises to be exciting, because as it turns out quickly, both are equally strong. Blade, in the past more restrained in his struggles, here goes harder to work. Perhaps also because he has seen how Jermaine has dealt with Joe. When Jermaine no spark or soft Wrestling now times announced. All or nothing is his motto! It is the same in this battle right from the start very violent to the point. Fast, aggressive actions and throwing techniques alternate with long ground combat. Especially Jermaine’s headlocks and headscissors have it in them and wear down Blade repeatedly auf’s New. In a rage he tears almost Jermaine’s Speedo and pinches him in his jewels. However, this makes Jermaine only more aggressive and wins the fight by increasing hardness. Already quite brutal, as Jermaine grabs his Kontahenten in Armlock, then hits a Mega-Wedgie and also exerts Nipple Torture him. But Blade seems to guess this little because it accesses Jermaine on again and make it even often, to get him to themselves. If he has him first, he drags him across the floor, tugging on his pants or retaliates with muscle riding in a schoolboy pin. Jermaine schlatet after these attacks up a gear and then begins to work on Blade with extremely imaginative tricks. Whether Blade now can keep up?

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Rough and ready

roughandready-5Craftsmen Vince needs to repair the roof of a garage. Not far trained Avery. Vince, himself a great sportsman, interested in Avery`s boxing training and have to look again. Avery noticed his curious glances. He flexes his muscles and wants to impress the craftsmen. Vince actually seem to impress Avery’s Muckies. But he also has a lot to offer. He rises from his ladder and shows Avery his body. Not bad. Very defined and trained the Romanian now presented on the mats.
The Lette Avery, a little older than Vince has already gathered more experience in fighting. He takes Vince to his chest and shows the Romanians how to fight in Latvia. Vince is brought to the limits of its powers in this submission match. Firstly Avery is very strong and, secondly, is it the heat this afternoon. Avery contrast clearly enjoys it to dominate Vince to clearly show him that he is the boss. But Avery wants more. He wants to humiliate Vince. Slowly but surely during the fight he pulls him his brief Craftsman Short at bay. To reveal a hot Thong which the wiry Vince is very good. Even Avery loses during the fight his shorts and then fights in thong on. The two create a sexy Fight back and are pretty heated not only by the sun 🙂

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Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 8

sunnyafternoonwrestling8-4The next round in our series “Sunny Afternoon Wrestling” are announced. We start with Joe and Jermaine. They meet at the cottage on the lake. When wrestling they want to measure their strength, but when Jermaine realizes that he loses, he will be unfair, Joe grabs and drags him to the lake. Once there, he wants to throw it into the water. Joe defends himself and the scramble by the water not only flies Joe into the water but he tears Jermaine with the cool water. Now stink is announced. Since the mats of Fightplace are just around the corner, the battle is being fought there. Aggressive and tough it’s already in the first round to the point. Joe grabs Jermaine in a headlock. Jermaine but can counter after a short time. We will not explain every single trick here, but let’s just say: Jermaine can be nasty. He strangles the little Joe, puts him in the prone position, grabs Joe Speedo and drags him on the mat bottom. Who knows Joe already knows that he usually somewhat lead time required until it grows top form. After this attack the time has come. Joe counters with a schoolboy pin and massaged with his knees Jermaine’s biceps. Then he grabs him in a scissor. But Jermaine is a beast. For his liberation from lousy documents must really use any means. Only once freed, he immediately attacks again and goes one better. Already the first round this matches are fierce and fiercely hard. When it goes into the second half, Joe pulls. With enormous brutality will be fought at all costs, tortured, humiliated and gecatcht. Going for it, does not let himself, who emerges from this extreme fight victorious.

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Scissors & Pins

scissorsandpins-3As Ramon home in his Fightplace WG is, he has no idea that Jermaine is waiting for him and wants a fight with him.
But he quickly checked out the situation because Jermaine has already laid the mats. Friends are the two no longer safe, because in this fight they go extremely hard to work. Submission with extremely long Holds its finest.
Jermaine in his sweatpants has motion technically slight advantage. Ramon other hand is in his skin-tight jeans and the Sagger style pants too tight and so it is not long until she gets first crack.
Ramon preferably clearly Scissors and Schoolboypins to dominate Jermaine. No wonder, because the sitting heavy chunks once on it, wird’s difficult to get away underneath. And his durch’s BMX cycling steeled thighs do the rest. Overhead is there when Ramon also still makes muscle riding on Jermain’s biceps. Jermaine, much lighter and wiry, can defend against it only with strangleholds.
In the contest area the sparks fly. A lamp is broken, but on the inventory of the apartment, the two in their command no consideration. After the rounds more and more sweat and power demand, they rid themselves of their pants. Now it goes on in Speedos and if it is only once in so far as it does not take long until the first ball grabs and wedgies follow. This time, Ramon is the one who hands out vigorously. Enraged Jermaine tried to free themselves from various attacks, but Ramon is stronger and takes the slender boy properly measure.

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Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 7

sunnyafternoonwrestling7-1The last match of this afternoon David and Hardy are facing.
Hardy wants Tibet and Bubu disappear. He wants to be alone with David. What is he up to?
After both fighters get some good advice by their colleagues on the way to Bubu and Tibet pull back, then it starts. By fighting previously quite marked and still sweaty, they engage in. For David it sees only good, because he gets Hardy quickly on the ground and in its grip. But Hardy do not dither and goes full speed when he realizes that he is dealing with a pretty strong opponent. And then it turns out quickly why Hardy wants to be alone with him, Hardy wants to dominate him, want him for themselves, plus any funds placed are right. But the statement is not really on, because David resists extreme. But when Hardy David has only once in his power, he is nasty. Ballgrabs en masse, Gutpunching, Nippletortur, muscular riding. David helps only the direct counterattack with the same gait. Then we see how he can dish out and Hardy now has to take care that he is not dominated by David. Through a mixture of sweat and water, they slip up from time to time and can thus change the position.
Overall, a good, balanced fight in which until shortly before the end, the question remains as to who will gain the victory here. The guys deliver many hot moves with particularly long, hard ball grabs.

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