Fightplace Christmas-Special 2014…last round

Gold_and_Red_Transparent_Christmas_Balls_PNG_ClipartStarting today, Saturday 20th December 2014 to Friday 26th December 2014, we herald the start of our third and last Christmas special.
We share coupons, which are valid until one year. So just collect them to pay the new releases in the next time. Starting with an order value of 50€ you will get a coupon worth of 10€. An order value of 100€ or more worth a 20€ coupon and a order value of 200€ or more will worth a 50€ coupon. If you are part of our heavy buyers and your order value exceeds 500€ you will get a coupon worth 150€.
So start to browse our shop to save your money in the future!
The whole Team Fightplace wishes you a nice and relaxing fourth Advent.

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Fightplace Christmas-Special 2014…round two

Gold_and_Red_Transparent_Christmas_Balls_PNG_ClipartOur Christmas-Special entered the second round!
Starting today, 13th, December 2014 until next Friday, 19th, December 2014 you will get our famous (nearly legendary) “Buy 2 get 3″ action.

If you buy two or three downloads or DVDs, you are allowed to wish one more articel which is our present for you.
If you buy four movies you can take two more for free.

When you buy five DVDs or downloads you can add three free movies to your wishlist, which are our present just for you. You need to write down your wished articels into to field “remarks”, but just into that field! If you will write in down in any other way, we can’t your wished articels.

We wish you lots of fun while browsing and bargain hunting!

Your Fightplace-Team!

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Wild Wild Christmas 2014

wildwildchristmas2014This year we got the first christmas celebration of our Fightplace-Youngsters, which we celebrated  wild.
But party games, cookies and some quiet hours are not in the mood of this young fighters. Moe, Joe, Devin and Ramon want to riot. So it was time for our Fightplace-Basement.
All of them weared some red trousers and beanies, when they began their little tournament. It’s dog eats dog, the loser would knock out.
The result was a very Fighplace-Event with crazy actions of Moe, who directed this fights with his big mouth.
The other fighters performed nice fights, too. Ramon and Devin had a really hard fight without any reticence.
So you will get more then one hour full of entertaining action!

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The big Fightplace Christmas-Special 2014

Gold_and_Red_Transparent_Christmas_Balls_PNG_ClipartIn this year we would like to thank you in a very special way for all your trust, your numerous suggestions and your great support!
The whole Fightplace Team says “Thank you!” for 10 years of support of our customers.
Because of our 10-years anniversary we created a another awesome christmas special.
Three weeks full of crazy offers and for sure three offers per day behind the little Advent door.

In the first week, so from today until 12/12/14, we’re giving every 10th order!
Ends your order number with a 0, you get the value of this order in the form of a voucher credited.

The next sale will begin at the 13th of December. We tell you at the next Saturday what this offer includes.
We wish you a great Christmastide full of nice ours with hot Wrestling-Action!

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We play hard!

weplayhard At the beginning it was just a game, but then Bubu showed to our new cute fighter Pierre how to rule that business. So the easy game became a hard fight, which was not that easy to handle for Pierre. Surprisingly Pierre was able to pit hisself against Bubu, even if knows way more tricks and grabs then him. Feat or reticence? None! Pierre keeps attacking Bubu all the time and tries to throw him on the ground. In this match, his second one at Fightplace, he fought way more aggresive and more effective then before. But Bubu was able to gain the mastery, because he could use his years of experience. He enjoys to present all his tricks, agility and his power to the newbie. With this whole bundle he could dominate his opponent.

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The big Fightplace christmas special!


Every day we present a special offer.
From 1 to December 24, 2014 you can hunt fabolous bargain
The whole team Fightplace wishes you a great holiday season!

Keep a look every day on Fightplace to find out which is the current special offer!

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Mexican Boy

mexicanboyWhile Lukas was working on his boxing techniques Carlos (18) entered the room. Carlos got excited on the things that were happening at Fightplace. So he wanted to know more. Lukas was annoyed and so the Newbie had so feel that.
He always showed his well trained body and presented his big muscles. Seems like he felt better then any other one. Carlos is not that delighted with Lukas’ ego and just thought: “What does this idiot want from me? He is about one feet smaller then me. If we’re getting in trouble, I can easily beat the hell out of him.”
Lukas is a very good boxer, but then we discovered that Carlos is able to do this, too. But is Carlos able to wrestle? Both of them want to find that our in the basement. Is the size everything or could Lukas win this fight with all of his expereance?
Both of them are Street-Fighters. You can notice that, because of they always began their rounds with hot Box Sessions until they continued with the true fight.
When they fall down the ground, the wheat seperated from the chaff. We noticed immeditely who dominated this fight. Lukas is the more experianced fighter, who is able to restrict Carlos with his painful Scissors and SchoolBoyPins. He had to lern this moves of wrestling first.
Lukas enjoyed his advantage. He always posed to present his big muscles while he sat on him. This is why Lukas is just the better juggler with more technique. So Carlos has to confrontate both Scissors, Pins and Bitchslaps and has to learn what a true Wedgie are. Sometimes he was able to turn that fight, so we’re able to notice that he is able to show more.
For sure the revange of them is coming. But we really don’t know if Carlos would fight until this day, to learn more moves and tricks. We will wait for this day, because Lukas would not have a fight which proceeds like this one. Against the Mexican Boy.

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Winner takes all

winnertakesall-1 winnertakesall-2 winnertakesallBarney animated the two fighters with some bugs for a match. Winner takes all. The new series of fightplace: The winner will get all of the money and the loser’s getting nothing.
The match started like a common one. The fighters don’t know each other so they are a little bit hesitate. But then Barney evocatived them for the money, which they can win and suddenly they started the real rumble.
The really cute Pierre (18) started his Fightplace-Debut with fighting one of our most eccentrical fighters. But Hardy has no easy job of it. The well trained Pierre already knew some tricks and has lots of stamina. So the fight became a hard battle.
They are performing a lot of SchoolBoyPins, Scissors and Headlocks. Pierre prefers the torture the biceps of Hardy, while he did SchoolBoyPins. Hardy returned with soft boxing punches and Nippletwists. But we do not reveal if the cute Pierre is able the beat up Hardy. But the end proceeded contrary to all expectations.

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New fighters on Fightplace

In the last month, Team Fightplace got many new fighters.

We proudly present some of our new fighters:


Bobby 16 – 171 cm – 55 kg


Fabrizio 19 – 183 cm – 75 kg


Tomek 18 – 182 cm – 73 kg


Carlos 18 – 182 cm – 70 kg


Joe 16 – 170 cm – 60 kg


Ramon 15 – 170 cm – 70 kg


Moe 16 – 172 cm – 58 kg


Pierre 18 – 178 cm – 67 kg

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Eddies Fight Night

eddiesfightnightToday is Eddie’s night, because he had to fight against three opponents of Fightplace. Alfred started this row. Alfred, who was annoyed because of his defeat against Bob (Ramon’s room part 1) opened the door and suspected what will follow. Eddie wanted the money what he borrowed to him a bunch of time ago. But instead of paying the money back, he started to fight him. Immediately they started the high level fighting. Looks like Eddie got more tattoos and did something for his fitness. Powerful and with a lot of tricks he started to fight Alf and was able to grab him. Now Eddie didn’t let him go and Alf had no chance to come free. Eddie performed some painful Body- and Headscissors as well as some Wedgies and Strangleholds. Alf was really angry but Eddie enjoyed to be so dominant. He always pressed his poor opponent’s head down the mattress. When Eddie finished Alf, Bob entered the room. Alf left the room totally annoyed and Eddie and Bob were alone. Now the big boys fought against each other. Both of them won the previous fight against Alf, but what would be the decision between the big ones? The beginning seemed to be good for Eddie. Same tricks: he performed a Headscissor combined with a Headlock. Then the turn on the stomach and he pressed Bob’s head down the ground. Bob had to suffer. But Bob is way more powerful then Alf and knew how to handle Eddie. But then came the revenge! The fight got faster and way more aggressive. When the time took more time, the holds got longer and they used more and more mad tricks. If they had no opportunity they beat each other and even bit or pinched. But then Toni entered the room. They decided to fight him together. Tony’s appearance was self confident. He trained hard in the previous weeks and seems to be more and more powerful and fit. He accepted the call out of them and stood muscular directly in front of them. But did he bite off more than he can chew? For sure, the following 2 vs 1 match became really hard. Tony had to use all of his power even if Bob and Eddie gave him a going-over. Sometimes a real torture for the slim man Tony, but because of his power and his endurance he is always able to get free and pit himself against them. That’s why he’s called Psycho-Toni. Tony is the type of human, who’s never giving up.

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