Hit the Pot – Part One & Part Two

hitthepotparttwo-3Ramon, Joe and Devin visited the little Jim (new at Fightplace) to celebrate his birthday party. Jim really wanted to play pot hitting with his friends. But actually they just wanted to provoke Ramon. When Ramon had his turn, they always got new ideas so that Ramon won’t find the pot. So they got in trouble and then they went into the basement to continue the party in a little wrestling tournament. Joe was in a team was Ramon and Devin fought together with Jim.
Joe and Devin, who are in combative, began and directly performed some really nice moves. One of the highlights was the school-bullypin, which was hard to handle for Devin.
Afterwards our new one had to show his skills. Jim surprised us with his tenaciously and very active combat mission. He showed no fear. Neither against Ramon nor against Joe. That impacted on us! Jim, just 15 years of age is really good and for sure he will get better. He had a good fight against Joe but when he changed with Ramon it became much harder. Ramon took the lightweight like a toy.
Jim had not enough power to vanquish Ramon, who is way more heavy then him. But he put his best foot forward and that’s the important thing!
Unfortunately he had to give up a little earlier this evening because he had to puke, because of really hard Scissor of Joe.
It got very exciting when Jim and Devon exchanged. Now Devin and Ramon and Ramon and Joe had some very hard matches this evening, performed some extraordinary moves and disrespected each other the whole time.
The coronation of the evening was the battle between Ramon and Joe. Noone of them wanted to give up, although they had two hours of fights.
Ramon could just win this fight by doing some really hard punches into Joe’s stomach. It was not that fair so we will see a revenge between Joe and Ramon!

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Photo series available

photoseriesStarting today we have several photo spreads available at a special low
price. The pictures are predominantly in high resolution and show our
backstage-zone; quasi “behind the scenes-pictures”. If you can’t decide
on a particular movie, then check out your favourite screen grabs, or
just browse the pictures.

You’ll find the photo spread for specific movies when you click the delivery
method. The price will automatically adjust by EUR 3,90 (see picture).

Each photo spread costs EUR 3,90.

Photo spreads are available for the following movies:


A Hard Fight
Aggressive Afternoon
Apartment Wrestling Contest 3
Attic Attacks
Back to the Roots
Bad B-Day – Part One
Bad B-Day – Part Two
Baltic Boys
Bar Brawls
Barbecue Wrestling
Basement Brawls 3
Barbecue Boys
Bedroom Brawls
Basement Brawls 4
Boys by the canal
Boys on Board XXX
Brutal Mud Combat
Call Fightplace
Check the new One 2
Chris Comeback
Country Boys 1
Country Boys 2
Country Boys 3
Double M Action
Down by the River
Fightplace Special Moments 4-5
Forest of Pain
Forest of Pain 2
Free Fight 1
Free Fight 2
Free Fight – Jeffs Revanche
Free Fight 4
Horny Husband
Jays Comeback
Joes Examination
Kickass Wrestling
Love Hurts
Lukas the Bad Boy
Lukas the Gardener
Master and Slave
Mat Erotica
Mc Wrestler
Nasty Boys
Naughty Visitors
Next Level Fighting
No Respect – Bundle
Outdoor Wrestling Fantasies 1
Outdoor Wrestling Fantasies 4
Outdoor Wrestling Fantasies 7
Pinfall Matches 1
Pizza Service
Pizza Boy XXX
Poor Alfred
Privat Battle 10 – Part One
Privat Battle 10 – Part Two
Privat Battle 11
Privat Battle 12
Ramons Room
Real Hard Scissors 1
Rumble in the Attic 1
Rumble in the Attic 3
Rumble in the Attic 5
Rumble in the Mud
Schoolboypins 1
Schoolboypins 2
Schoolboypins 13
Surprise Package 1
Tag Team Battle 1
Tag Team Battle 3
Tag Team Battle 7 – Part One
Tag Team Battle 7 – Part Two
Tag Team Battle 8
Take it Raw
Team Training 2
The big Fight Night
The Hotel Boy
The Hypnotist
The Jogger
Violent Vengeance
Warm up for Wrestling
We play hard
Welcome back Jeff
What happens when you lose!
Whos the Boss
Wild Boys
Wild Wild Christmas 2014
Wow, thats big!
The Wrestling Party
Young Athletes 1
Young Athletes 2


Also NEW: No Respect Parts 1 and 2, starting now in a bundle for the
unbeatable price of EUR 39,90!

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Bar Brawls – Part One & Part Two

barbrawlspartone-3Tonight something hot happened in Tony’s bar. First, Tony had a nice
conservation with his guest, Ben, who had just turned 19. But then
troublemakers Tibet and Alfred entered the place, a little local bar in
the historic city. Ben was frustrated, because he and his girlfriend had
split up. The young boy was angry about this and wanted to let out his
frustration in a brawl, and when the troublemakers entered he found the
perfect opportunity! Both of them were already a little drunk, so Tony
didn’t want to serve them any more beer. Tibet was very angry about
that, and so began the trouble. They came together at a table and
started with arm wrestling, which developed into a fight between the two
groups. Tony turned his bar into a small battle arena. Tibet just
laughed about this challenge and was happy for the evening’s action; he
could not wait to take on barkeeper Tony, and so they began. Tibet, our
heavyweight fighter, started very quickly and grabbed the wiry Tony,
throwing him to the ground and performing schoolboy pins and scissors,
then turning him onto his stomach, putting his feet and knees on him,
and performing some wedgies, giving his opponent a caning. Even cuffing
him too. Tony became really mad on account of this, which you could see
in the way he fought back, but Tibet didn’t hold back on the bullying
and hurting, and thus Tony had to give up the first round. The second
round seemed to be better for young barman, though. He was able to get
Tibet into a schoolboy pin. But he had little time to enjoy his
accomplishment, because Tibet turned the match back again. This time
Tony was not able to counter his opponent. He needed a break. So Alfred
and Ben continued. You can immediately notice that Alfred has been
training. He is more muscular, and he seems more casual, learning more
and more tricks. Our newcomer, Ben, was somewhat nervous and took off
like a man possessed. But Alfred stayed confident and didn’t allow Ben
to get him worked up. Ben tried to throw Alfred to the ground by
grabbing his legs, but Alfred countered with a headlock and leg
scissors. Alfred won their first round, but it was not an easy fight for
him, because Ben wanted to prove himself in his Fighplace début. He was
able to get his opponent into a full Nelson, but Alfred is not a person
to be trifled with. He was able to come back with a well-placed scissor,
an arm lock and another full Nelson. When Tibet and Tony began their
next round the tricks became nastier, and Tibet more brutal. This was a
disaster for Tony, who finally had to accept CBT. Tibet had humiliated
him like a poor dog, and Ben had to share this humiliation too.
A hot fight night in a little bar with many hot scenes awaits you in
“Bar Brawls”.

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Young Athletes 3 – The Revanche

youngathletes2therevanche-5Joe met Devin in the parking garage. Devin just returned from shopping.
In a little smalltalk they started to talk about their last fight. Devin lost the last fight, so he wanted to get his revenge. Joe agreed, but this time not at the attic.
They fought in the bedroom just on some mattresses.
Devin, just 15 years of age, really wants to take out Joe, who won the last fight.
Devin performed a got match. He fought very forceful which was hard to handle for Joe. But Joe is not that type of person who shows his pain. So he downplayed the situation.
But then he got the chance to counter. Because of the BMX riding his upper legs are well trained and really strong. The Scissors he performed tortured Devin.
We got a nice and forceful fight between two opponents. No one of them want to lose the fight because we live in a little city and everybody will know this in a short time.

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Total Destruction

totaldestructionparttwoPiedro lost the last fight against Knut, so he really wanted to get his revenge. But he was a little bit to scrared to decide this fight alone. So he took his buddie Bob when he visited his opponent.

When they entered Knut’s home, they began to provocate him immediately. But Knut was not alone in his flat. No one of the young troublemakers knew this. They thought that Knut was alone, so they started to fight him. They didn’t know that his friend Momo took a shower in the room next door.
For sure he noticed that trouble and rushed into the three fighters. He was just wearing a towel and tried to order these guys.
He decided to hold a fair match between the two groups. Dog eats dog in a Tag-Team-Match. Everyone agreed.

Momo and Bob fought in the first round. Because of all that trouble Momo forgot to dress some trousers, but no one took care.
Our fighters performed a really hard fight, so the other guys were really impressed. Momo’s Scissors were great but unbearable for his opponent.
As the evening progresses the fights became harder and more painful for the fighters of this contention. Gutpunching, Bitchslaps, Wedgies and Ballgrabs are just a few notes.

Who knows Knut as a submissive, reserved fighter put him right today. Knut was totally going crazy when Bob offended him and attacked him with punches. Bob had to accept some real punches, but the Bmx rider was tough. He revenged with some extremely hard Wedgies until he ripped Knut’s pants.

Piedro, who just disputed his fourth fight, hold up well and gave his best. He wanted to get his revenge and the victory against Knut. So the two fighters fought in the last round. The score between the two groups was 2:2.
They wrestled for the decision, which the spectator could notice.

Will Knut be able to win the decision again or does the cute Piedro overcome Knut to get his vengeance as well as the victory for his group?

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Behind the scenes Young Athletes 3

Hey fightplace fans
Completely up to date for you some backstage photos from today’s fight with Joe & Devin

Young athletes 2 - The Revanche Young athletes 2 - The Revanche Young athletes 2 - The Revanche Young athletes 2 - The Revanche

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Violent Vengeance

violentvengeanceBubu wanted to tidy up his basement. So he called Ramon to clear his debts. We all know that Ramon is a nice guy, so he entered a few minutes later to help his friend. Bubu’s mood changed when he noticed that Ramon scratched his expensive chrome rim. Ramon didn’t notice any scratches on that rim, but Bubu was convinced that Ramon was to careless. Did Bubu just devise this to fight Ramon? For sure it was a good reason to fight on the mats in next room. Maybe Bubu wanted to find out if Ramon the best fighter of the youngsters is. Some of his mates suggested this. In the first round they just checked each other with some Headlocks, but both of them just got warmed up in the second round. Now Bubu started his footwork. He used some torturous Scissors to give his opponent the low-down. Ramon, our little real whopper, was able to get tree of some hopeless situations, but Bubu had just more tricks and grabs then him. Furthermore he is slimmer and has more agility and – which is important for this fights – more clinical. He was really dominating this match. At the end he forced Ramon to lick of his rim.

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Joe’s Examination

joesexaminationBarney, who went out for a long time, returned a few days ago and he was waiting for Joe in front of our living community. He wants to check out on his own, if the youngsters are good fighters.

When you arrived they didn’t lost any words and directly went into the fightroom. Immediately both of them undressed undressed their clothes until they were just wearing their speedos. Then Barney warmed up a little by doing some chins.

Then they started to fight. Joe had to feel on a painful way, that Barney is a really experienced fighter. He were always able to perform some grabs, which seemed to be hopeless. He had no chance to get free. And Barney enjoyed this. Looks like he is really amused to torture the poor Joe and to show him his borders.

In this match our two fighters are performing many Scissors und some painful Nipple-Twister. Both of them are really dedicated, but Joe wants to turn the fight. Just to prove that the youngsters are good fighters, too.

So he was able to perform some really hard grabs, which were way harder to absorb for Barney than ever expected. A big mistake to underestimate Joe.

All in all it’s a really exciting fight, full of longs holds, but we do not tell you the winner of this hard match.

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Aggressive Afternoon

aggressiveafternoonThe first fight of the year 2015 happens between Ramon and Devin.
There is a little touch of New Year’s Eve, because Ramon and Devin still had some firecrackers while they were walking around.
We all know the young boys, who are doing so much nonsense if they are bored.
They are throwing the firecrackers at each other but the joking of the beginning turned into a decision of power and strength. A little fight came up in a backyard. Ramon always had his friend Devin in a Headlock.

They decided to turn the fight into the Fightroom because of the bad weather conditions.
They started up with checking the size of the opponent’s biceps and did a little workout competition. Who is able to do more chins and Sit-ups?
After they decided this, they turned directly into the fight and attacked each other. Ramon showed us in previous fights that he knows how to fight,but Devin is able to keep up with Ramon. We were very surprised that he got grab Ramon several times.
The fight got more and more harder, but both fighters are really tenacious and don’t want to give up any round.
Does the end of the fight ends in a surprise?
Just watch “Aggressive Afternoon”!

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Join us!

We are active in the sports film production. We cast and teach athletes in many sectors of the media world.

Due to the ever growing demand for films from the fields of wrestling / wrestling, we will expand this area and are looking for performers. Can you for these sports thrill and fear a not thyself before a camera, then please let us know.

What you can expect:

  • a young team that works in a nice family atmosphere
  • during the shooting of the fun factor never comes up short
    Rotation dates flexible hours, including weekends and evenings
  • Activities with the team outside of the shoot.

Your salary and you get immediate after each fight / rotary cash on hand. This salaries are up to 300 € possible.

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