Happy Easter!

egg1Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!
We wish all our customers a Happy Easter.
So you, the days will not be too long, after all it’s still pretty cold outside,
We have put together some great offers for you:
First, we offer you the coveted “Buy 2 – get 3” to action. That is when buying two or three movies, you’ll get a desired film now. Buyer of 4 or 5 movies, you get 2 favorite movies for free. Buyer of 6 or 7 movies, you get 3 favorite movies for free. And so on. Please send us an e-mail with your desired free films. The download access (link) to your desired movie You will receive then a short time later.
In addition, we are clearing our DVD camp. Therefore, we want to make the DVD fans among you a hot deal.
We offer this in two different packages:
DVD Package 1 includes 5 different DVD’s at a price of only EUR 25,95
DVD Package 2 includes 10 different DVDs at a price of only EUR 39.95
ATTENTION! Since we will not print new DVD’s for this action, the number of items is limited, of course. Sales therefore only takes place,
As long as stock lasts.
The DVD’s are selected by us at random and come from ALL categories.
We wish you beautiful Easter!