Hector in da house! – Part One

Seesen vs. Berlin is the motto of this encounter. Hector is taking advantage of the holiday season to go on a city tour and of course Berlin is not to be missed. And since he has been planning to visit the fight club in Berlin for a long time, now is a good opportunity to do so. During his visit he meets Nic and Finn. The two of them don’t actually have any plans to fight that day, as they had been at the CSD the day before and wanted to relax a bit at the club. But aftera few sentences and a little tour of the club, Nic realises that Hector is up for a fight. Hector goes into this fight dressed only in a thong, no doubt due to the outside temperature of over 35 degrees. Despite the light clothing, this match becomes sweaty and quite slippery towards the end. Both fighters have quite a few tricks up their sleeves and are also very ambitious in their fight for victory. The fight is accordingly hard and it is not clear who will win until shortly before the end. Nic is heavier and does a lot with strength. Hector, on the other hand, works with a plus of technique. Both, however, are bad losers and this is also evident in the faces of the boys in this fight. There you can see how serious they are about winning the fight. Hector, who likes to show his muscles when he triumphs over Nic, shows a strong development during his time at Fightplace. He is getting better and better and has more and more confidence. With very few breaks, Hector and Nic fight it out between themselves in this dogged match that lasts about 48 minutes.