Bad Habits

Simon meets a strong opponent in this match. His opponent is Andy, 24 comes from Spain and quite is muscular. Basically, it should be an easy game for Andy to defeat the much lighter Simon, but that’s not the case. Perhaps Andy is still too shy or too careful to really get a grip on his opponent. So at first it seems as if neither of them is really going. Only after a few minutes and some bad actions by Simon, Andy wakes up and shows his true strength. The boys now set a different pace, shredding their shirts and briefs and rough-house each other. From this point on, Simon also realizes that he has to give it all. What he can’t do with strength, he tries to compensate with crotch-grabbing. Andy retaliates accordingly and so this nude fight develops into a crotch and ball grabbing fight. You know, “bad habits.” Lars comments on the fight and takes care during the fight that the two don’t get too brutal. With newcomers we never know what they are like when fighting. It is safer to have a strong guy with you, who can keep order in case of an emergency. During a break Lars also intervenes himself and shows Simon a few of his tricks.